February 14, 2022 started out as a typical Monday. There was no school which meant I would not be sitting in the car line. What we DID do made the car line an absolute cake walk.

I planned to work all day at the restaurant and was also planning to go home on break and maybe take a siesta, after all, I’ve been working at a Mexican restaurant.

My husband came by to see me on the job to tell me our little fur baby had been taken to the vet. She’d already had all her shots so my first thought was she’d been hit by a car. No.

Mr. K said she came in the shop where he was working on something. He heard her rip a piece of paper. (She loves to shred paper.) So, a loud ri-i-i-p and then CRUNCH! CRUNCH! She was chomping down on something and since there is no dog food in the shop, he looked to see what she was eating. Low and behold: she had ripped open a packet of rat poison! She only weighs thirteen pounds and it wouldn’t have taken much to do irreversible harm. He scooped her up and the packaging and rushed her to the vet. The paper packaging was important so the vet would know exactly what Cricket had eaten. She was forced to throw up and treated with charcoal. She was given fluids and kept under close observation.

The siesta I’d planned was spent going to the vet and picking up our little bundle of joy. She was very subdued on the drive home. She was lethargic and had no appetite but we weren’t concerned. From her perspective, she had been traumatized.

Monday night would prove to be a long night. She cried and hid under the bed. She hid behind the wicker couch. If we tried to lift her, she yelped in pain. The placement of the I.V. left a sore spot between her shoulder blades. Taking her out to potty the first (or was it the second time) was pointless. She hurt too much to go down the steps. She peed in the kitchen floor with me watching. I did not fuss at her, but neither did she get a treat. We would lift her onto our bed and she struggled to get comfortable. I was not prepared for this. She finally settled down to sleep at about 5:30 Tuesday morning. I called the vet to ask some questions. We were told we could bring her back….uh…NO! I decided to pray and wait.

Cricket loves to sleep with this old teddy bear.
Cricket and the old teddy bear.

Mr. K had cooked breakfast to let me sleep; or, at least try to sleep a little longer. I got up and left Cricket dozing under the covers. The rest would do her good.

One of Cricket’s favorite things to do is clean any crumbs that my husband might have on his shirt from any meal and/or snack, in this case, breakfast, eaten in the recliner. Tuesday morning the toast crumbs were pretty obvious but with Cricket still in bed I had to tell him, “Your vacuum cleaner is still sleeping.”

By 11:00 Tuesday morning she was jumping up on the couch and by 12:00 she was eating normal again. We took a walk down to the pond and she ran around as normal. She still enjoys staring out the window in the home office.

I’m happy to report that we all THREE slept good Tuesday night. We still don’t know where she found a packet of rat poison. Help me pray she never finds another one. Until next time, hug your fur baby.

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