April, 2021 is winding down. These photos will be just a gentle reminder of what this time and season came to be in the yard. There are three iris pictures here. They are just a few of the ones that I went and dug up in my ugly shoes. So, after a three-year wait, they’ve opened again. As each blossom unfurls it’s like Christmas morning; each flower yields its beauty one more time. Like a tiny gift that only yields to time and the soft hand of Mother Nature, I anxiously wait for it be revealed. Unlike Christmas morning, I can’t just jerk the wrapping off. (sigh)

One iris is pink and the one underneath is burgundy. I see these gems and realize they were each worth the wait.

This one is a muted salmon color.

A lovely friend, Shirley, gave me this pot. It’s the perfect container for the new deck. WELCOME to my home and my garden! The petunias were free. The birds must have dropped the seeds. I’ve not bought petunias in probably five years. There are some deep purple as well as a pale pink. This pot will get better and better as the plant grows and fills up the container.The half bricks are there to discourage a certain Rat Terrier from digging. Cricket’s favorite thing is digging the dirt out of my containers.

I liked this camera angle.

I’m not sue what these blue flowers are. A gift from the yard of a friend. Blue spikes that go up and the purplish leaves hug the ground. Easy to grow and the picture doesn’t do it justice. Cricket looks like a giant. (grin)

Waiting for the hatching. Eastern Bluebirds.
Mother’s Day ~ 2020
HUGE pink blossoms on this azalea.

One day perhaps I’ll tell you why I just love a pink azalea with freckles.

May is just around the corner and I’ll be waiting for more “gifts” to open and brighten my yard and my day. Baby Bluebirds will soon arrive like the baby rabbits I found this week. I was astonished to find a rabbit den under an old wheelbarrow. Here’s hoping you can find a spot of brightness in your yard or in a park or wherever you find it.

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