It began with a rather long Monday at the restaurant. The day included picking up my grandson from school and hanging out with him before going back to work. I thought my sleep was good Monday night; what little I got. It was necessary for me to get up at 4:30 Tuesday morning because my daughter-in-law was having surgery and had to be at the hospital very early. My grandson needed a ride to school as well as the normal breakfast/school routine. Tuesday went by in a blur without a nap on my part – too much to get done. By Tuesday afternoon I was draggin’ and that’s an understatement. The surgery had gone well. My daughter-in-law was home and resting. It was time for Mr. K to drive me home. (I did eat a cinnamon roll at my son’s house.)

On the drive home, I leaned my head back against the headrest and closed my eyes. I could still “see” when the sun was shining as we passed by a section of highway with shaded places. The effect of the shifting light patterns was incredible. I said to Mr. K, “It’s too bad I can’t drive with my eyes closed. The scenery is much better.” He said, “I could let you drive with your eyes closed but we wouldn’t get very far.”

The effect of the shifting light patterns was incredible. I think I saw a few colors I’d never seen before. It reminded me of the old-fashioned kaleidoscope I’d played with as a kid. The various colored crystals would shift with each turn and the patterns were always beautiful. The more intense the light source, the more vivid the colors.

I remember telling Mr. K that it felt like I was writing a science fiction novel in my mind. That, in itself, would be totally weird as I don’t write science fiction.

There were vibrant colors just playing around me. I saw a large white piano and there was the wheel of a kaleidoscope positioned on the top; just the wheel, not the tube. It was placed so that the wheel could turn like on Wheel of Fortune except it was facing me, not lying down. As the keys on the piano were played, the kaleidoscope would turn and rays of various colored light would shoot out on a horizontal plane. Each shade of color represented a different time line. For a minute there, I thought I could actually SEE the different time lines. I also remember asking Mr. K, “What the ‘H’ was in that cinnamon roll?”

Another weird thing was that even with my eyes closed, I still knew exactly where we were on the road home. I could open my eyes and verify that, yes, this is exactly where I thought we were. — I asked my husband, “If a person were sleep walking, do they know they are sleep walking or are they just out of it?” I don’t remember his response.

We got home and by this point I felt giddy. I needed help changing into my pajamas. Cricket was surprisingly calm. She seemed to sense that mom as a little loopy.

Part Two coming tomorrow.

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