It was a book store. There were many shelves with many books. This decorative tin was lying on top of a small display just at my level; meaning it was perfect for someone vertically challenged. The colors caught my eye and my curiosity got the better of me. This was clearly not a book. Picking it up, I saw it was a tin of watercolor pencils. Until that moment, I didn’t even know such a thing existed. I thought about the pencils on the drive home. I thought about the pencils while fixing our evening meal. Days passed and the concept of watercolor trapped in a pencil just captured my imagination.

Having spent time with crocheting, knitting, needle tatting, Tunisian crocheting and cross-stitching, this looked like fun.  Besides, You Tube is my friend, right?

There were many videos to watch. For some strange reason, most of the tutorials were done by a variety of people ALL with a British accent.. Now I don’t mind an accent; being rather fond of my own Southern drawl. However; after five or six, it was more than I could take.  I’d learned/watched a lot of people coloring with these pencils and was amazed at how the color just blossomed when water was applied. It was like some kind of magic trick. Awesome!

My pondering pencils was leading to a purchase. I am blessed to know three women who can draw and paint. I talked to two of them and gained more insight.

Having sold some of my knitting projects, it was time for a trip to Hobby Lobby. Master’s Touch art supplies were on sale fifty percent off. You know THAT was fun! The yarn was also thirty percent off. Color me happy.

Watercolor paper. Watercolor pencils. Graphite paper. (I can’t draw but I can trace.) Washi taped to lay off some boundaries.

Step One for me was to map out the colors, hence the color chart. It’s necessary to see what the colors look like when wet. For some odd reason, these pencils have no numbers and no name written on the pencil itself. This frustrates the OCD brain. Once these artistic jewels are removed from their tray, how do I know which is which?  Am I looking at Baltic or Light Green?  Pink or Burgundy? I numbered my homemade chart. Of course, to get the numbers to “stick” to the pencil I had to first file off the finish to create a spot for the marker to work. (sigh) There really must be a better way. Even crayons have the names written on the side of each one.

I have twenty-four in this set. Twenty-four colors (if you count the white) to play with.

Taking my time, I colored my little boxes and added the water. Did I mention I bought brushes at fifty percent off?

My chart looks nice. Very artsy. My first “drawing” is less than attractive. The only thing that “blossomed” was my attitude.

The video I watched clearly stated and demonstrated that washi tape was being used. It was placed down and then taken up. I bought some washi tape. It was NOT on sale. I placed it down and it refused to come up. It lifted from the surface pulling the paper with it and tearing the paper. Not good. So washi will get recycled.

Until next time, I’m headed to Lowe’s for some frog tape…

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