Have you ever seen a black Petunia?  I found this one this Spring at Verdin’s Too in Laurens. It’s name is “Black Mamba” and it looks like living velvet. This particular specimen will be a gift for a friend. My plan is to buy another one for myself; hoping to garner some seeds.

If you’ve never been to Verdin’s Too, you owe it to yourself to stop by and just see what’s there.  Kim Verdin and the crew do an amazing job at keeping everything arranged and the whole place just draws you in. An old building with the roof missing has been filled with flowers. You can drive by the business and when you look through the store front, a riot of color meets the eye. It is truly an inspired place.  These photos do not do it justice.


Come and share the beauty of music.

This lovely blue piano sits on the sidewalk and stands ready for a tune. Alas, my skill set does not contain the ability to read music.  Kim Verdin shared, “About once a day someone sits down and plays the piano. That just thrills my soul.”  She added that if you enjoy people-watching; this is a delightful place to do it.

Located at 125 Laurens Street in downtown Laurens, this lovely oasis is described by its owner; “It’s like a public garden where folks can come and enjoy the flowers and relax.”

Whimsical and playful.

The food trucks have much to offer as well.   Grab a snack and then head over to Verdin’s Too and take a seat in a shady spot. (Food trucks are in the parking lot Tuesday – Friday.)


As this blog moves forward, y’all can send helpful hints and tips.  My tech savvy ability doesn’t exist and learning how to use Word Press has been a challenge. (Just keeping it real.)

This  Rambling Gardener is learning and my deepest thanks goes out to Kim Verdin at Verdin’s Too as she graciously agreed to be my guinea pig in this blogging journey.  Y’all be sure to tell her you saw my efforts at sharing a blog on the Rambling Gardner.  Thanks in advance. 🙂


I was delighted to discover each little touch of art and the creativity of the folks here.

984-0244  ~  Y’all come on down!

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