April 25, 2021  Tucker

His name was Tucker. I remember the first time I met him. He was big and friendly; with an almost effervescent personality. He was so eager to meet new people it was easy to get bowled over by him. Cricket and I were out for a walk when we saw Tucker, and his friend, Satu. Cricket, my little rat terrier, was still very young and was rather uncertain about this big guy. While his big feet gave him a solid foundation, I was always amazed at how quick and agile he was.

Tucker turned out to be the "new guy" on the street. He and his family had just moved in and he was out for a stroll, or a run, that day we met.

We would see Tucker many times in the coming months. He was getting used to us and Cricket was getting used to him. As she grew quickly from puppy to adult dog, she soon realized that Tucker just wanted to be friends. I can still see him coming down to her level. Maybe a part of him realized his size could be intimidating and he would squat down to appear smaller and the two of them would play together.

Tucker would often come down the street to visit. He was always glad to see me, and while he enjoyed the attention, he was clearly coming to play with Cricket. He also enjoyed taking a dip in our pond. His friend, Satu, said she always knew he'd been swimming in our pond when he came home soaking wet. I think he liked to run around the yard until he was dry.

Tucker died this week. He was killed. He had been stabbed and perhaps strangled. His body was left lying in a driveway not far from his home.

We may never know exactly what happened. Because Tucker walked around on four legs instead of two, his death won't be much of a priority. - We have our suspicions and anyone who would do this to a dog is NOT someone I want living in my neighborhood. Every time I drive by this location, I say a prayer. God knows my heart.

Tucker will be missed. His family will grieve the emptiness he left behind. --  We've all lost a pet over the course of our lives. But for my friend Satu, this was her very FIRST pet. I didn't know there were adults out there who'd never had a pet. This whole thing tugs at my heart and upsets me in a way that is not good.

Until next time; take one more picture of your pet.


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