Upstate South Carolina saw the arrival of the first frozen precipitation of the season as the night of January 15, 2022 gave way to the light of January 16, 2022. By the conclusion of this chilly event, we had five inches of sleet and very little snow. Our new solar panels looked like giant marshmallows that were squished down flat.

You can see the snow has started to slide off the edge.

The blog this time contains several photos of the frozen “tundra” we call home. You can see Cricket here….she had serious doubts about this Winter Wonderland. I took her out once onto the covered front porch during the night and she did not like the noise being made by the heavy sleet that was coming down. I must admit, that much ice DID make some noise.

Today, January 17, 2022 is a holiday as we remember Martin Luther King. Being a holiday, a lot of people could stay home and stay inside. Many others had to drive in the frozen mess. I’m thankful for the linemen who keep the power on. Our power never even flickered. Laurens Electric does an incredible job with line maintenance.

My husband used the tractor to scrape our little road. I hope the neighbors appreciate it.

Tromping around in the snow is rare for me. I borrowed Charles’ “pack boots”. It takes some effort to stuff my pant legs down into the boot tops. As I struggled through the white and very bright landscape, the boots seemed to just get heavier. I stopped for a photo when I realized I wasn’t wearing these boots so much as carrying them with my feet. And carrying them with my feet was more than my left hip was willing to tolerate. I will see my chiropractor later this week and she will want to know what I’ve been doing.

The snow load on the panels will periodically slide off the roof with a whoosh and a thump. Cricket barks every time. Neither of us have ever heard that sound. It IS different.

My grandmother’s bird bath wears a meringue topping as the snow conforms to the little dips and curves.

We actually shoveled a path across the deck. I’m thankful to live this far South. Snow is fun here….fun because it’s brief! Brrr…..

As this snow/sleet “adventure” winds down I see predictions for more to follow this next week. Say it ain’t so!

Special thanks to my friend, Vicky, for the title of the blog. I do love your sense of humor!

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