We visited the Remodel Expo in Greenville on January 12, 2020. We had free tickets and free parking. Lots of walking…(sigh) We’ve had it in mind to remodel our kitchen for a quite awhile now. Having purchased the kitchen cabinets and pretty much decided on the the new stove and dishwasher; we really just thought we might find a few ideas. Products and technology seem to be changing faster than the roll of toilet paper in the master bath.

I’ve never seen so many gutter systems. Wow! Hot tubs, bathroom fixtures of every kind and so many tile options. I’ve never understood tile in the bathroom. It truly is lovely, but let’s be honest. The human body is; shall we say, slippery when wet? My wet feet on a tile floor is a recipe for disaster. Maybe that explains all the floor rugs. Thick pile, trendy style and designed to soak up water. Minutes after the bath, or shower if you prefer, there lies a soggy mat in all its wonderful magnificence….it just lies there…waiting. My bare feet just cringe upon finding cold soggy fibers! Yuk! It’s almost as bad as stepping in a puddle in my sock feet. Bleck! Just a couple of my pet peeves. Surely I am not alone.

We picked up color samples for the future metal roof we dream of installing. I passed up on a chance at some genuine maple syrup from Vermont. The best maple syrup I’ve ever had, came from Vermont. I resisted the temptation, but that little tray of samples seemed to sway to a tune only I could hear. Like a snake charmer in India, those tasty little dollops of golden yumminess seemed to dance. (sigh)

I nearly drooled over the Alaglass pools. Did you know they can be installed above ground? The company puts it on the ground and builds a retaining wall around it. They then back-fill it and voila! Next time I have $20,000 floating around I’ll know where to spend it. Those pools are worth every penny. But, they are just a tad over my budget today.

Windows and more windows. We’ve already upgraded the windows. Vinyl siding and we’ve already done that too. Not ready for gutters. Not interested in a hot tub…at least…not today.

So, what DO you buy at a remodeling expo? You buy an adjustable bed, of course. Two sides that move independently of each other. Two more remote controls to keep up with. Special sheets will be ordered. Split-queen; I didn’t even know such a thing existed. And you know what else? We bought the floor model and they will deliver it tomorrow.

Until next time, Day One is just ahead. Stay tuned for the rest of this story. (grin)

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