Thy word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path. Psalm 119:105

Years ago, I made an interesting discovery, to me at least. It was dark outside and there was no flashlight available. This was before the era of cell phones with their built-in “flashlights”. I needed to go outside and where we live, it’s dark at night. I mean DARK. As in, there was no light, no full moon, no street lamps, nothing. Pitch black, can’t see my hand in front of my face, dark. You get the picture.

My only option was to use an old-fashioned kerosene lamp like the one pictured here. I lit it and carried it outside. My hand was illuminated quite well. The problem was, I could not see my feet and I could not see where I was walking. The only way to see the way ahead was to bend over, way over, and hold that lamp pretty close to the ground. It felt awkward and wasn’t very comfortable, but it worked. The verse above suddenly made sense! I was literally using a lamp “unto my feet”!

Today, 2023 stretches out before each of us. We all live in a hurry-up, drive-thru, nuke it, scarf-it-down, move-on world. We have forgotten how to slow down. I used to think my grandma was slow because she was old, but maybe she had learned that all the hustle wasn’t worth it. She had learned to slow down.

A friend of mine posted the above photo on Facebook recently. She has retired and moved to the coast. She is taking her camera and taking her time to discover her new surroundings. This one photo had a profound impact on me. I told her that just looking at this snap shot caused my blood pressure to drop. Ahhh! (contented sigh) It was like a moment in a hammock without the hammock. Special thanks to Beth King Fortune. You can find more of her photos on her Facebook page as B&B Photography. Give her a “like” and tell her I said hello.

When facing a difficult decision in my own life recently, it seemed the struggle of finding my path was impossible. I stared and gazed until it seemed my eyes would be crossed. I spent time in prayer and had my prayer partner and big Sis loosing sleep on my behalf. I quoted verses and called out to Jesus with everything I could. For a solid year, there was no peace as I searched for my next step. I sought Jehovah Shalom but HE seemed to not be listening. What more could I do? I talked with my pastor. I talked with a counselor. I talked to Jesus; again and again and again until I felt like a broken record.

And then January 14, 2023 at about midnight….that still small voice, like a whisper. HE gave me the next step, but only when I stopped staring down the path. I wanted to see the journey six months from now, but Father doesn’t usually let us see that. HIS Word says, “give us this day our DAILY bread…” not the whole loaf!

When I decided to trust Him for only that one step, I found the peace I had struggled so hard to find. You see, I was using a flashlight and sometimes, a hand-held spotlight. I wanted to SEE!! But when I surrendered to the lamp of His Word, there was Jehovah Shalom with an outstretched, nail-scarred hand.

I can rest in Him because “Thy word is lamp unto my feet…”

Until next time, I’ll polish my lamp and trim the wick and get ready to walk a little closer with Jesus! Be blessed, y’all.

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