I drove the truck. I drove Mr. K’s truck. I drove Mr. K’s truck with him in the passenger’s seat. To be honest, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.

This is no small truck. It’s fitted with a goose-neck and it was built to pull. The man who owned it before we did used it to haul swimming pools. It’s built to really tow a heavy load.

The first time my dad saw “the truck” he asked, “What do you pull with that?” I said, “Anything we want to.”

We don’t own a camper, but this truck could pull it. We don’t own a boat, but this truck could pull it. If we had a 14 x 70 mobile home, I think this truck could move it.

It came with part of a ladder. There’s just the one “rung” that runs parallel with the bottom of the doors. Located on each side, the job of this “ladder” is to make it easier to climb in and out. Us short people have to adapt. Getting in is one challenge and getting out is another story. I don’t need gravity pulling me out the door. It’s not the fall that’s so bad but that sudden stop on the way down….I would prefer to avoid that.

2017 Dodge Ram, 2500 Series, Heavy Duty

I’ll never be able to use it to haul off the trash. I can throw the bag into the bed and gravity takes over. But I’m so short I can’t reach the trash to lift it back out.

I drove the truck up the interstate and I also drove it to work. I figure I’ve had enough experience driving it to last me at least until Christmas.

While I’ve never driven a school bus, it must surely be similar to driving “the truck”.

It’s a 2017 Dodge Ram something or other with four doors and a cute little back-up camera. Yours truly has NO plans to ever back up this behemoth of a vehicle.

If Mr.K were into vanity plates, I’d have a suggestion for his truck: “TANK”. Using “U-Haul” would be a copyright infringement. HIS TRUCK is too long for a S.C. plate.

Mr. K did add a step on the back end. He says it makes it easier to climb into the bed. I hope he doesn’t expect me to use that step. Next thing you know, he will want me to haul the trash off. — Actually, I already make regular trips to the dump, but I use my car instead. If only I HAD my car; it’s been in the shop for three weeks. Long story.

My new job is going great. I do love making people smile and laugh. I told my “Sneaky Preacher” joke at the restaurant. Good food. Good fun with an occasional laugh. What could be better than that?

Until next time, y’all have a blessed day and an awesome week!