I am ready for Spring. I’ve already worn my flip-flops to see if they still fit. (They do.)

More daffodils are pushing their way upward to the light. Tiny slips of green are awakening iris. The nubs on my flowering almond are hard to see, but they are just barely visible. The large flowering almond was moved to a new location over the Winter and we used the tractor to dig it up. There were nearly a half dozen “twigs” that also came up. Every piece was planted and even the twigs have nubs. Color me happy.

The purple violets which were rescued from the yard are trying to bloom. This first flower is clearly NOT purple. I’ll have to wait and see what else comes up in that spot.

Creeping Phlox is wiping the sleep from its face. Soon dainty pink petals will wave at the sun.

I’m almost dreading the pinkness of promise which is my one peach tree. What the deer have done has left me more than a little angry. I have my eye on some deer netting to place over the tree. (sigh)  I have to keep trying.

The regular rainfall has filled the pond. Once or twice I’ve heard the tiny frogs. I call them Spring Peepers. It is much too soon for tadpoles. Pond water in February is much too cold.

More “twigs” are new in the yard. The Confederate Rose found its place in front of the house. I’ve placed a large piece of fencing around it, hoping the deer and rabbits will look elsewhere for a snack. 

My Granddaddy Graybeard has given me a tiny “cutting” which has been placed INSIDE the fenced-in back yard. NO DEER! This space is limited but I have a history with this plant. The original was dug up and given to my mom by her dad decades ago. I rescued it from Edgefield County, SC at the home where I grew up. It had grown over the years and was blocking the the driveway for the local power company. I will tell you; the power company wasn’t there when I was a kid. That whole corner was a cow pasture.

I made a call to the power company and drove the 75 miles to the old home. The power company was so glad to get rid of that plant! They had been cutting it back every year. They used a backhoe and forklift and loaded it into the back of my van. ~ Now, years later, this one twig is all that remains. Fingers crossed it will thrive in its new location.

A green mass and a tangled lump are the daisies I started from seed last year. (Not worthy of a photo.)  Having never grown daisies, I am hopeful they will do well.

The old concrete birdbath has been a complete surprise. It needs a good pressure-washing. My grandmother would be very happy. For such a long time I have wanted to attract birds to the back yard but the pesky squirrels have always been a pain. I still marvel at the people who actually FEED these creatures. “Tree Rats”…I don’t like them. Thankfully, they have shown no interest in the bird bath.

A new Bluebird house has been added to the yard. This one was a gift from a very special friend. I have prayed no sparrows will bother it. The Common House Sparrow is not native to the United States but was brought from Europe. This particular bird is aggressive and has killed my Bluebirds in years past. (sigh)

Time to get moving forward. I think….no….I KNOW I have seed packets to dust off from last year. Wish me luck.

Note: The struggle with publishing the blog has become more than I care to admit. For those of you who know me, I’m not a fan of most technology. It will soon be time to renew my domain name and pay for another year. I just don’t know that it’s worth it.  Too much money for this kind of headache.  Let me hear from you. ~ Janice