My favorite leather sandals snapped. I was hoping the stitching had come loose, but no, the leather had torn. Finding a shoe repair shop in the area seemed almost like a pipe dream. Taking to the internet and using Duck Duck Go, I found an actual cobbler’s shop.

Stepping inside was to be immediately embraced by all the aromas of a cobbler shop; ie, leather, shoe polish, and more. A rich fragrance, letting me know I’d truly found a place and a people who knew and appreciated fine leather goods.

This artisan shop is tucked away in Simpsonville and had it not been for the online search, I’d have never found it.

A small space with a ton of character and style. These photos show how artfully the space is decorated. It was easy to just wander in a circle and take it all in.

I especially liked all these shoehorns. I don’t know when I’ve seen so many in one place.

Their business card says you can find them at 215 N. Main St., Unit 2-B (Town Centre Plaza) in Simpsonville. Owners Jeremy and Crissy Taylor can be reached at (864) 963-7288. You can also find them on Facebook and Instagram, at least, I think that tiny icon square is Instagram. I wouldn’t know. Their web site is The

They offer an impressive array of services. Handbag and color rejuvenation and cleaning, handbag straps, snaps and zippers. They offer leather dying and conditioning. You can get your luggage repaired as well as sneaker painting and restoring. I will confess that “sneaker painting” eludes me but it sounds like something I would enjoy. If you need a custom-made belt or dog collar; this is the place. (Don’t tell Cricket. She will want something special added to her Christmas list.)

The Cobbler’s Corner carries Spenco shoe wear. There is a nice selection of high quality shoe care products and accessories.

My sandal repair was so easy, it was fixed while I took pictures of the decor.

Business hours are Tuesday – Friday, 10:00 – 5:30. You can also take advantage of their drop box. You can come by after hours and place your shoes in the secure drop box located just outside the front door. Attach your tag with your contact information and they will call you with any questions and/or to let you know when your item is ready for pick-up.

If you visit The Cobbler’s Corner, be sure to tell them you read about them on my blog. Have a blessed day!

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