The Prayer Garden at Fountain Inn First Baptist church is rather photogenic. This bench, pictured at the top, looks inviting. The petunias are overflowing their containers and makes me wonder why I can’t grow flowers like that.

The Rambling Gardener is feeling the heat. When the temperatures reach the 90+ degree mark, this chick says it’s time to chill — literally. My philosophy is simple. I hibernate as much as possible. If we can hibernate in winter because of the cold, it stands to reason I can “hibernate” in summer because it’s too hot. “Air you can wear” is what arrives in July and hangs around for several weeks.

A welcome sign spotted at a business near by.

Having been born and bred here in South Carolina, I’ve learned to take the humidity in stride. That, along with the mosquitoes, gnats and every other thing that flies, bites and stings that annoy me. Have you ever noticed that a stink bug, flying by your head sounds suspiciously like a wasp? Not that I’ve ever jumped out of my chair or anything…it’s just an observation. 🙂 — Too bad I can’t take a flyswatter to the other things that we deal with. Like traffic on Woodruff Road or too many sub-divisions popping up like mushrooms after a bad rain. But, I digress…

My friend, Dianne Belsom gave me permission to use one of her sunflower photos. This flower is just lovely and the bumblebee (that’s my guess) is going about its daily routine without a care or worry. Nobody will be demanding he get a shot or wear a mask in order to fly. No distractions on Facebook or Twitter. He just lives his life one day at a time. Would that we could all leave all the drama on social media and live our lives one day at a time. Could it be possible, that maybe, just maybe, some of us are drawn to the drama? Like a train wreck, we just HAVE to watch….(sigh)

My Rose of Sharon is finally starting to bloom. It has been a struggle to keep the Japanese Beetles from devouring the leaves AND the flower buds. I never did find a remedy, other than squishing them one by one. (yuk) Sometimes, a gardener has got to do what a gardener has got to do.


My friend, Satu, let me take pictures of the wildflowers she planted this year. There are zinnias, bachelor buttons (cornflowers), marigolds, black-eyed susans and a few others. Satu is the same friend who has blessed me with zucchini. I’ve been baking and freezing zucchini bread. I’ll save that story for another day.

A close-up of the black-eyed susans. I’m thankful for friends who share their photos and gardens with me.

Until next time, I’ll be starting a new job. Be sure to stay tuned for details. Feel free to send me some guesses. You may be surprised. Ole! — I will leave you with a quote from a book on my shelf from 1926: “The hardest thing in the garden of life is digging up the root of evil.”

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