August 13, 2021 and it’s also a Friday. I always look for something good on Friday the Thirteenth. Perhaps we find what we look for. Don’t look to be unlucky — look to be blessed.

As the Summer winds down and the kids head back to school, I’ve had to take pictures of the interesting and lovely things which cross my path.

This Luna Moth is beautiful. They don’t live long as an adult moth, but they make a quite an impression. I wish there had been a way to show you the scale/size of this thing. It wasn’t possible to get that close, but it’s as big as my hand. I first saw it, from a distance, and thought it was a bird.

Taking Cricket out after dark one night I was surprised to find this Woolly Worm. You can see the size based on the quarter in the photo. I’ve always been told that the darker they are, the colder the coming Winter will be. This one was as black as sin and the “fur” absolutely sparkled under a bright light. Who knew? It certainly took me by surprise. To think that the hairs on a caterpillar could shine like diamonds in the night; only my Heavenly Father creates things like that.

A friend gifted me some rather large zucchini to make more bread. I won’t say they were hard to slice, but I may need to sharpen my machete. Just one of these yielded eleven cups of grated goodness and that was AFTER removing the seeds. Grated zucchini freezes nicely.

Cricket has become a four-legged paper shredder. She took this padded envelope apart. I tried to get a good picture. The envelope looked like it had exploded. The look on my “shredder’s” face seems to say, “Who me?”

Mr. K and I were visiting a local home improvement center where I saw these. Every time I think I’ve seen it all, along comes something that makes me take out my cell phone and take a picture. I made sure to get the prices in the photos as well. Seriously? I can’t decide if I want one or not. I mean…a shelf for the bathroom designed to hold a cellphone AND a roll of toilet paper. (sigh) Whatever works. I guess the next step would be to mount the shelf close to an outlet. You might as well recharge while taking care of business. (grin)

Our youngest son and his sweet wife have bought their first home. I took a hand at helping upgrade the outlets in the guest bedroom. It’s not my goal to become an electrician. But just maybe, you can teach an old dog a new trick.

Until next time; take another dip in the pool or eat another bite of watermelon. Enjoy the waning days of this season and remember that Christmas will be here before we are ready. Y’all be blessed!

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