I take pen in hand and marvel at how quickly we can step back in time. My yellow legal pad is illuminated by the steady glow from a kerosene lamp. The gentle warmth and sparkling glass remind me of an era long since passed.

More “romantic” at night.

A storm moved through this afternoon, June 01, 2018, leaving downed trees, damaged homes and many people in the dark; literally. Many of my neighbors are without power. My brother lives five miles away and he too, will need to fire up a generator. (Ours need work.)

root ball

Future firewood.


We lost a huge oak tree in the woods that divide the front field from the front yard. The gaping hole in the canopy will not be repaired in my lifetime. The entire tree was blown over; root ball facing the sky. A sad sight. It’s not pretty to see a majestic oak lying horizontal on the ground.

We are thankful. No damage to our home is a blessing. Lots of water ran down to the pond and the netting Mr. K placed over his blueberry “tree” has been rearranged. The large white object looks like some kind of Halloween decor.

Living where we do has more perks than perils. The advantages far out weigh the disadvantages.Our water comes from a well. This means we use an electric pump to bring water into the house. Tonight, I will pour water in the toilet tank. Thankfully, gravity isn’t affected by a lack of voltage.

More firewood.

Our supper plans were changed and we made a trip to Zaxby’s. In the morning we may have breakfast at McDonald’s. One thing at a time.

If this is anything like camping, you can HAVE it! My idea of “roughing it” is a hotel without a phone.

I did see a deer while I strolled around taking pictures. He (she?) refused to pose for me.

It’s 10:13 pm and the power has been out since 6:20. The tree frogs are singing.They don’t know and don’t care if the people are using kerosene lamps. The fireflies’ glow continues to wink in the darkness. The night birds will go about their business as usual.

We humans may be far too dependent on our modern devices. My generation has learned to keep batteries in the flashlight and fuel for the lamps; not to mention a box of matches out of reach of the kiddos. Jugs of water tucked here and there and toilet paper…I am grateful for indoor plumbing. 🙂

Until next time, I can sleep and know, the sun will rise in the morning and life will get back to normal soon enough. As for that oak tree, it will soon become firewood to provide old fashioned heat for the next winter season.

“Keep me safe, ’till the storm passes by…”