The azaleas continue to dazzle the eye while the daffodils are storing up energy for next year’s display. My daffodils were less than I expected so it may be time to dig and divide.

pink azalea – Spring – 2021

I saw a pair of Mallard ducks on the pond on April 14. The photo is too grainy to post. There is a limit to this cell phone’s ability. It was built to be a phone, not a camera. Maybe the ducks will hang around. Fingers crossed.

I’ve ventured into the realm of lavender. This purchase came from a big chain store. I paid $7.40 and now I must educate myself on keeping it alive and fragrant. Poor soil, good drainage, deer hate it — yeah! My thoughts are to place it in a container on the patio. The challenge won’t be the deer. The challenge will be keeping a certain rat terrier from digging in the pot. She is murder on the containers – but our mouse problem has vanished. My goal is to harvest and hang lavender in places to discourage the deer. Irish Spring still works but it’d be nice to grow enough lavender to maybe share with a friend. I’ll post a picture of our little 10-pound terror.
Cricket – one year old, rat terrier

The iris survived their upheaval last Summer. That was a pleasant surprise. This one bi-color is the reason I went digging in my ugly shoes. If you missed that adventure; I’ll post the link. This whole mess continues to be a staging area/holding pen. Weeds and more weeds.

It seems so strange

to go digging iris for

just one plant.

Not much to look at. The soaker hose is hidden.

I sure will be glad when I figure out this whole WordPress thing. I see one set up on the site where I build the blog and then it will look different once it’s posted. Well….my learning curve will just have to keep circling.

My dogwoods didn’t fair so well this year. At least, not all of them. There will be a photo down here somewhere of the dogwood flower. It looks tired and misshapen. It may be time to work in some bone meal.



I visited The Neighborhood Nursery this week. You should see what’s in bloom! Locally-sourced plants and super helpful folks. Find them on Facebook and in person on Woods Road in Ft. Inn. If you live anywhere close, you owe it to yourself to stop by. You won’t regret it. Tell them The Rambling Gardner sent you.

Find them on Facebook.

I bought this little beauty at The Neighborhood Nursery. Looking forward to harvesting some seeds.

The Sweet William is one plant with a “history” with me. The first year Charles and I were married, 1979, we had rented an old house. Seriously old. It was put together with wooden pegs. The lady who had lived there must have once had a green thumb. I was young and ignorant of most of what was blooming around me. I found this lovely plant in many shades of pink and made a nice bouquet. Little did I know it would stay fresh and blooming for weeks. Years later I learned it was Sweet William. It was a struggle to get it started. The seeds are planted and then the plant grows to a very short height and then stops for the season. This short green thing lives through the winter and when warm weather arrives once more; it shoots up and blooms about the same time as the Iris. They are stunning when you can grow them together! It will make seeds, the seeds germinate and the cycle begins again. The white ones are the ones I have the hardest time finding. I prefer the pink, but it’s become a personal challenge to pursue the white. (grin)

The daylillies are pushing up. This lavender is my favorite. I shared one last year with a special friend. I hope hers looks as good as this one. (Hey Jean!)

I’ve recently learned there are three….yes….THREE subdivisions coming to Gray Court, SC. (sigh) Some folks call it “progress”…it makes me tired to think about it. For this reason and so many more, this rambling gardener will plug away with cutting grass and pulling weeds and taking a mini vacation down at the pond. We all need a place of serenity.

Until next time, y’all have a blessed day.

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