Growing up in the “deep” South doesn’t seem all that unusual. A person has no control over where they were born anymore than we choose who our parents are. You can choose to believe you were just a product of random chance or, like me, I believe I am unique and the result of a Divine Design.

On the surface, there may seem to be a certain appeal to going through life with no thought of eternity. If there was no divine plan, then what difference does it make how you live your life? You’re free to marry or not marry whoever you want. As long as you don’t hurt anyone else — what’s the big deal? When you die, you’re just dead. Like when my Jack Russell died; she was just dead. No soul to live on, and she certainly didn’t give a hoot about her life after death.

But I was born in the Bible belt. Down in the Carolinas where we agree to disagree on things like football: Clemson or Carolina? Or good BBQ — sweet or savory? And for goodness sake, learn the difference between grilling and true BBQ. It’s very simple. Grilling is fast and hot. BBQ is low and slow. You can’t fake good BBQ and THAT is a fact.

Being a native of South Carolina it was my good fortune to have been taken to church by a dad who prayed with us and insisted we go to God’s house on Sunday. He wasn’t perfect; nobody is. But he started my feet down a path where I would meet Jesus. And yes, HE is real. I saw HIM standing at the front of the church on Sunday and the agape love that reached out to me was overwhelming and almost tangible. HIS arms were outstretched and I wanted a hug from the ONE I’d learned about in Sunday school.

That was many years ago and HE has never left me or let me down. I have never been perfect but I know I am forgiven. And as an adult, the message of His grace has been an incredible gift to receive. It is possible to live every day and never feel guilt. Every sin I could ever commit is already covered by His blood. But understanding grace means I don’t want to disappoint the Jesus who loves me like no other.

It wasn’t my intention to preach. Y’all know I’m a good Baptist and we don’t put women in the pulpit. (We can agree to disagree.) Nevertheless, the words for this blog flow through a conduit of His design and HE is the only editor I’m writing for.

From Bibles to BBQ, this blog has taken some surprising twists.

You are free to choose how to live your life, but you are not free from the consequences. I choose to believe there is more to this life and to live with an unwavering hope that:


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