December 18, 2018 and my watercolor journey continues. Another trip to Hobby Lobby today where I picked up two blue pencils. One is Aqua and made in Germany by a company called Faber-Castell. At $1.49 it was the cheaper of the two. The other is Violet Blue by Prismacolor. At $2.29 it was pricey. I don’t know where it was made but it should be easy to find out.

Christmas is fast-approaching but my willingness to dive into watercolor has not diminished. My plan is to make a color swatch of the three different brands now residing on my desk. I expect one of them to blossom with a vibrant colored hue. Stay tuned…

December 19, 2018 and today was perfect for pig.  BBQ that is. Mr. K has perfected the art of low and slow. While the Pig Rig has long since retired, he has a technique to smoke a whole pork tenderloin and actually cook (BBQ) the bacon at the same time. If you’ve never tasted my husband’s BBQ, you have missed out. If you’ve never indulged in this delicacy known as BBQ’d bacon, you truly have my sympathy. The subtle nuance of smokiness dances across the tongue and as your teeth sheer off a tender morsel, the dry rub dissolves and pork flavor does a waltz in your mouth. If your taste buds could sing, your tongue would host a choir. Something like this is hard to describe. You must taste it to believe it.

Meanwhile, the trio of blue pencils has auditioned. It appears the cheaper one, made in Germany, is the only one capable of blossoming to my satisfaction. I do not look forward to buying pencils one at a time so my best option will be to visit eBay and see what bargains await me.

December 20, 2018 arrives with rain and more rain. My pond looks as it should. We have some scrubby stuff and small trees that need to be cleaned out. Not sure how or when that will happen. I’ve reached my “remember years”. You know – Remember when toothpaste came in a soft metal tube and you could roll it up as you finished it off? Remember when Jiffy Mix and loaves of bread were both just ten cents each? Remember when air was free? We stopped to put air in my car tire and the machine required seventy-five cents for three minutes of air. Geez. Remember when divorce was rare? Remember when children prayed in school? Remember when people kept their dirty laundry hidden and certain things stayed in the closet? My job now is to remind my children and educate my grandchildren. America is the greatest country on Earth. We are great because we are good. When we cease to be good, we will cease to be great.

Until next time; remember it’s Christmas and Jesus is coming again y’all!

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