Whether it’s a cat or a dog or maybe even a bearded dragon, pets bring perks into our lives.

Bearded Dragon

I’ve always thought there was something very therapeutic about the way a cat can purr. To stroke that soft fur and feel that motorized rumble of contentment always helped to lower my blood pressure and help me relax.

Cats are different; or maybe, sometimes, indifferent. 🙂 This little lady is very nearly antisocial. She hides when people drop by to visit. Her owner, Nancy, says she hides from EVERYONE. A lot of people who have never seen Callie think she’s just a myth. But, to my great surprise, this lovely calico not only came out of hiding and allowed me to sneak a photo, she actually walked up to me and sniffed my hand! I was so astonished and very happy!

But if you want a companion to meet you at the door after you’ve been gone; a companion whose entire body is just shaking with joy…get a dog.

Dogs are different too — just like cats. They each have their own personality. Our little Rat Terrier, pictured above, is one spoiled pooch. Sometimes, I think this house belongs to Cricket and she lets us live here. (grin) She brings a lot of joy and ENERGY into our home. She treed a squirrel on May 2, 2022 and it made her very happy. She may be a Daddy’s Girl but it’s the mama who spoiled her plumb rotten.

Let me introduce you to Penelope. She is a chiweenie. That’s a cross between a chihuahua and a weenie dog. Her human family thinks she’s very special. I do LOVE that face!

Next, we have a Golden Doodle named Miss Scarlett. She will be three years old in September and one of her favorite things to do is to peek next door at the kids playing outside. In order to do that, her pet “parents” cut a few holes in the fence at just the right height. I love it when folks get creative for their fur babies.

A Golden Doodle, Miss Scarlett likes to watch the kids next door.

This box turtle is actually a terrapin. It came wandering across the driveway one morning and I took its picture.

The bumble bees have been busy. This one was visiting one of my azalea bushes. And in case you’re wondering; no; I did NOT get that close. I got pretty close and then cropped and enlarged the photo.

If you don’t like cats or don’t want a cat, that’s OK. If you want a pet that doesn’t wake you up at 3:00 a.m. to go potty, you might consider a Bearded Dragon. They have been called the K-9 of the reptile world. They are quite sociable and this one, named Brunny, belongs to a very special young man. Brunny lives in his own “apartment” aquarium and enjoys spending time with his two-legged family.

So many pets — so many perks. They bring us joy and fill our days with companionship and love. And don’t get me started on the animals that are trained to help the disabled. So many of us would be lost without four-legged friends. You only have to see a dog wagging its tail to know he/she is happy to see you.

Just had to share one more picture of the lovely Miss Scarlett.

Until next time, hug your pet, spoil your fur baby and be thankful for the short time we have them. As for me, I think Cricket “needs” a belly rub. (grin)

A special shout out to The Elegant Hand in Laurens for the lovely picture at the top of the blog. If you need a manicure, pedicure, hair do or even a massage, there is someone at The Elegant Hand to make you look and feel special. Miss Faith takes good care of me and she will be happy to help you too.

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