Rambling On has been silent for a while now. There are many reasons. Unfortunately, this is not the place to share all the struggles that currently surround my life. Trying to write in the midst of a dark time was more than I could manage.

Good news is breaking on the horizon. The Lord has placed me in the midst of HIS people as we work together to reach the least, the lost and the lonely with the gospel of Christ. Visit www.4Points.org if you’d like to listen to previous sermons, or join us at 9:30 or 11:00 on Sunday mornings; either in person or via live stream. A time of refreshing has arrived for this soul-weary traveler.

Having been a companion for little old ladies, my friend Nancy, went home to Jesus on May 10, 2023. I miss her. I celebrated her birthday on June 6 by baking zucchini bread for her son and daughter-in-law. The last conversation we had was so typical and I fully expected to see her again. We just never know the change that can arrive in only 24 hours.

Nancy and I shared many conversations and she always seemed to enjoy our “Bible study”. It was never an orchestrated event, just conversation about something or perhaps a topic she was pondering. The words have not been invented to describe how blessed I was to know Nancy and share a little of what HIS WORD contains.

Nancy loved snacks. I got her started on Medjool dates and she got me hooked on Cotton Candy grapes. (You owe it to yourself to try some.) Cheddar blasted goldfish and white cheddar Smart Pop bagged popcorn were a common “necessity”. I can’t count the times I’d leave her and I’d have my shopping list. Many times we laughed and as I would walk out the door I’d leave my final instructions; namely, “No cartwheels!” Nancy was 86 and the crazy idea of her turning cartwheels down the hall at rehab would have us both giggling.

My life’s parade continues to ebb and flow. Divorce is a dark specter that walks in the distance. Watching someone you love live with it…..it isn’t easy.

Grieving the loss of Nancy will be a process for some time in the future.

Rambling On had been officially retired but when the URL was renewed, with an EXPIRED credit card, it seemed obvious that the Lord HIMSELF had other plans. Indeed, HE does. Stay tuned as I journey into the realms of pod casting and public speaking as Ms. Grits.

I pray the best is yet to come.

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