Today is July 23. Happy Birthday to some special people in my life. You know who you are!

I’ve started a new job. Nobody sent me any guesses. If you can’t tell by the featured image at the top; maybe you need glasses. (grin) I am a hostess at Garcia’s Cuisine in Fountain Inn. What an incredible opportunity to add to my Spanish vocabulary.

My new apron. I decided I needed a good apron with pockets and this one is so festive with chili peppers all across the fabric and the words in Spanish translate as “salt and pepper”. I really wanted the serape apron but it would have taken too long to get here. It’s much more colorful; but, I may buy it later.

The first day was a Friday evening and it was extremely busy and I think I lost three pounds. Not a bad thing. The second day was easier. Walking and standing on concrete is its own challenge. I see some new shoes in my future. “Non-skid” goes without saying.

Learning to pour water and tea from those wide-mouth pitchers will just take time and a little practice. The pour spout is wider than I’m used to and chunks of ice will flow right out and “splunk” right into the glass. I managed to pour water over the side of one customer’s glass. I got his hand wet with water. He was patient and understanding. I told him, “I’m a good Baptist, so as long as I don’t dump it on your head, we’re doing good.” He chuckled a little.

You can’t get this kind of corn on the cob just anywhere!

One couple, about my age, came in. I asked, “Just two in your party?” His reply, “No. There are 27 senior citizens in a bus outside.” He was trying to be witty. I loved it. My response: “So, I guess I need to get the large-print menus?” He grabbed his chest in a dramatic fashion as if to say, “You got me!”

I have it on good authority there will be new menus at Garcia’s. If you’ve been there this week, you may have seen them. I wish I had one in front of me so I could tell you how awesome it is. I did see chicken nuggets on the kids’ menu.

Meanwhile, I have some shoe-shopping to get done.

If you’re ever in the mood for authentic Mexican food on a Friday night, come by and say hello. Garcia’s Cuisine is the place to go; any day of the week. You can also find us on Facebook. We are located at 1003 N. Old Laurens Rd in Fountain Inn, SC. (864) 601-9665

One of my favorite dishes. Pollo Loco. Grilled chicken breast with onions and cheese sauce. It comes with rice and beans as well as a salad. Es muy bien, (It’s very good.)

Hasta la vista, mi amigos. (See you later, my friends.) šŸ™‚

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