As of May 23, 2021 we’ve been sleeping on the new bed for more than year. Adjusting to an adjustable bed became less of an issue in 2020. It was much more important to have toilet paper. May we never go through that again. I read where one person made the observation on the toilet paper shortage, “I used to spin that roll like I was on Wheel of Fortune. Now I’m turning it like I’m cracking a safe.” I totally understand.

The step now lives (and hides) on my side of the bed. It gets pulled out at night and then slides back under the bed in the morning when the bed is made. And, yes, I make my bed every day 98% of the time. A smoothed out bed surface is the perfect place to fold the laundry. Most of it is going in the master bedroom anyway, so, why not? As tall as this bed is, there’s less bending over to fold the clothes.

That remote with the built-in flashlight came in handy the other night. I was awakened by something as it crawled across my arm and then landed on my chin! It is truly amazing how quickly the human brain can wake us up and process the data. In a flash, I knew there was a spider on my arm and before I could say “scat”, it was on my chin. It got sent packing lickity split! Then, I grabbed the remote and tried to track down this eight-legged invader. I didn’t see it and Mr. K never woke up. Now, how do I know it was a spider? It could have been a palmetto bug. I know the difference in their legs. I’ve had a palmetto bug crawl on my skin (yuk) and they have stiff bristles. This spider didn’t feel the same. I also knew it was about the size of a nickle. Sometimes, I wish I didn’t know so much.

The next morning, would you care to guess what I found in the sink in the master bath? Yep. An eight-legged rascal about the size of a nickle. He was quickly and permanently banished.

The child-size chair still sits on top of the nightstand. This does make it easy to reach my cell phone as well as the remote control for the bed. My glasses have a place as well.

Since the bed arrived, we’ve adopted a rat terrier. Her name is Cricket and she has adopted the bed. There is a rather worn ol’ teddy bear on the bed. It has survived four boys and still has both eyes and both ears. Now, Cricket will put herself down for a nap with her head in the teddy bear’s lap, or as seen here, just curled up with the old bear. Too cute.

The bed is here to stay. Cricket is here to play. As for me and Mr. K, we celebrated 42 years of marriage on April 28 this year. I’ve said many times, “I knew I had married Mr. Right; I just didn’t know his first name was ‘Always‘”.

Until next time; hug someone you love and remember: don’t sweat the petty things and don’t pet the sweaty things. πŸ™‚

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