We have spent our first night on the new bed. To say I am underwhelmed would be an understatement. I could not get comfortable. I tried raising the head to different angles and I even raised the foot of the bed. Raising the foot is a no-go. When 5:00 in the a.m. rolled around I gave up. FLAT is fine. I will adapt and get used to it.

Let me confess; it’s a bit “taller’ than the old bed. I can climb up and fall out when I need to get out of bed. My old exercise step has a new mission. Where it once inspired me to get my legs moving and boost my metabolism, now it just boosts me into the bed. It also makes sliding out easier. (Three cheers for gravity!)

Mr. K likes the bed and he is the reason for the investment. And yes, it is an investment. If he can sleep better, that makes me happy.

We are still waiting for the split-queen sheets but the new bedspread arrived today. The color is called “sand stone”. It’s a light neutral shade of tan/taupe. It hides the jerry-rigged fitted sheets and hangs down the sides like it should. It could stand to be a little longer; but a king-size would have probably been too big. No dust ruffles as they only serve to hide the dust bunnies.

The bed’s extra features continue to surprise me. I thought the night light was a great idea. Apparently the manufacturer agrees. There is a night light on either side. “His and hers” takes on new meaning. Too bad there are no colored lights. Clemson fans could have orange and purple. Actually, I can envision a neon pink. A glowing bed…my grand-kids would love it.

The remote control, one for each side, has a built-in flash light. Each remote will let you choose the massage option. Oh. My. Word. A massaging bed that doesn’t require a quarter. (cheeky grin) But seriously – a vibrating bed? How do YOU spell ‘seasick’?

This lovely home addition sits so much higher the night stands are now too short. Story of my life. Nothing is ever as easy or simple as it sounds. Buy a bed, buy sheets, done. No.

Buy a bed. Buy sheets. Buy a bedspread. Put a step on the floor on my side. Have Mr. K build a platform to give the nightstands a boost. And while I’m at it, this carpet is really worn out.

There are two boxes of parquet flooring left over from the dining room remodel. My idea is to put the wood floor under the bed and let it extend only enough to be seen and carpet the rest. Having wood under there would make it easy to exterminate the dust bunnies.

Now I arrive at the second night with the new sleep system and I am working third shift and will not be home. Mr. K will try it out alone. I should have put the step on his side.

Until next time,,,day three is just ahead.

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