This bed was purchased sixteen months ago. Things have changed since then. My “career” is currently on hold as I recover from a pinched sciatic nerve. When we bought the bed, my blogging was in limbo and these pages come from my journal. It didn’t seem my blog would ever be published again; yet, here I am. May you enjoy the journey and perhaps get a chuckle along the way. You may also notice the subscription option at the bottom. Feel free to subscribe and receive emails when a new blog is posted.

January 15, 2020 Day Three – I spent the night with one of my elderly ladies. I have taken on a new career. I sit with these ladies and try to help where I can. So the second night with the new bed finds me in another town. — We still wait for the split-queen sheets.

Wednesday morning finds me driving home and dragging in the back door. Mr. K has it unlocked to make it easier for me to carry in my overnight bag, my knitting, my purse, my … you get the idea. I open the back door and step inside. The delicious aroma of coffee is doing a waltz through the laundry room. Alas, I am not drawn in by the aromatic ballet. Coffee always smells better than it tastes. Give me a coffee-scented candle and I would be happy. Mr.K drinks it and he can have it.

Breakfast is next on the agenda. Cooking bacon, eggs and toast is part of my regular routine. I can fry an egg, easy over, in my sleep. Yours truly drinks her breakfast. Neora’s Youth Factor mixed in my apple juice and I am good to go. I do LOVE getting my vitamins and minerals in one easy “fix.” As to cooking breakfast for Mr. K; it’s something I’ve done for MANY years.

Today, with a new bed calling my name I give myself permission to take a nap. So; I did. Jammies and the phone unplugged; a recipe for dreamland. ~ The nap was short and I know the bed will be an adjustment, pun intended.

The new sheets arrive and I can hardly wait. Two fitted sheets means EIGHT corners to maneuver. There is one flat sheet and two pillowcases. These pillowcases are big. Does a queen-sized bed have queen-sized pillows? Mine does not. I have no desire to upgrade the pillows. These we are using were $30 each and have a lot of life left in them.

It’s January 15, 2020 and the temperature here in upstate South Carolina was 71. Geez….we actually ran the air.

Do you remember me telling you the nightstands are too short because the bed is so tall? Well, here is another attempt at jerry-rigging. The child size chair has been around for a long time and right now it lifts the remote for the bed AND my cell phone to within reach. Looks weird, but it works.

I am still unsure about the night light. It really is bright. I sure hope it’s an LED. Can you imagine me crawling under the bed to change a bulb? No. Neither can I.

The headboard decision has been made. We will put it back. You can actually see one post of it to the right of the chair. It turns out that the heavy wooden headboard will stand against the wall with only the bed holding it in place. Now…about the foot board…???

Until next time; I see a few more dust bunnies.

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