January 17, 2020 Friday

One more night sleeping with Mr. K and our American Sleep Therapy bed. The bed is a keeper and I’m glad we bought it. I suppose now, we will need one more set of split-queen sheets. The set we bought have a nice 600 thread count. Life is too short for sugar-free pudding, fake icing and cheap sheets.

My sister-from-another-mister “adopted” our old bed. She took it, and the pile of bedding, to her house. I pray she and her husband sleep well for many nights to come.

The day moves forward. It’s time to get my hair trimmed. My little Italian lady has offered to trim my hair many times. Having observed the hair styles she gives compliments on, I’m convinced she likes short hair. VERY short. She was a hair stylist back in the day. Although my hair isn’t the challenge it once was, what I do have I’d like to keep as long (length wise) as possible for as long (time wise) as possible. Where it once got caught in the car door, now, there’s less to fuss with.

January 18, 2020 Saturday – I talked with my sister-from-another-mister and she and her husband are happy with their new bed. The comforter and sheets were a perfect fit for them. Color me happy! It is a blessing to be a blessing.

Mr. K ordered another set of sheets. One to wash and one to ‘wear’. There were only two color choices and we will soon own both of them.

The kitchen sink decided to back up. Have you ever washed dishes and then had to empty the water out the back door? I emptied it outside because the back door is closer than the nearest bathroom.

January 19, 2020 Sunday – With the kitchen sink out of order we had breakfast at the Golden Arches Supper Club; aka, McDonald’s. We spent time in worship with the folks at Fountain Inn First Baptist, then out to lunch with friends. We do love Mexican for lunch on Sunday. If you haven’t been to Garcia’s Cuisine, you’ve missed some good, authentic Mexican food. You can find them at 1003 N. Old Laurens Rd in Fountain Inn, SC. (864) 601-9665 Hector is the manager there. Just tell them that “Juanita” said hey.

Our youngest son and his family came over Sunday afternoon. T.C. helped add the head board back to the place we needed it. He and his dad worked on the kitchen sink. They removed the trap, cleaned it out, used some drain cleaner and … still no good. Now it’s time to call a plumber. (sigh) Now we eat out one more time…. until next time….have a blessed day.

Final chapter is just ahead.

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