My first chiropractic visit was March 09, 2021. It was also my first experience with a TENS unit, but I digress.

I really loved how professional and thorough this lady chiropractor was. Dr. Nikki Brown took her time, answered my questions and explained every move she made BEFORE she made it. My spine cracked and popped like almost nothing I’d ever heard. It did make me think of stomping on bubble wrap; times ten. WOW! Having grown up with the Southern expression, “I’m gonna wring your neck,” this takes on a whole new meaning at the chiropractor’s office. I just LOVE Parris Family Chiropractic.

I arrived limping and walked out with a nice smooth stride. The pain was nearly 100% gone and that was beyond wonderful. My legs are now both the same length. (Yes. My right leg was longer than my left.)

The TENS unit was its own unique-for-me experience. There were tingles, wiggly muscles, and a hard-to-describe, crawly feeling. It was almost like tiny puppy toenails trying to tickle my back. Some relaxing music would have been good. Too bad I don’t have an MP3. My OCD brain was struggling to know when the fifteen minutes would be up. And if you’ve never had a TENS experience, let me prepare you for just how cold those pads are when they touch your skin. It’s a lot like putting lotion on a sunburn. COLD…but warms up quickly. My next visit should be less intense.

Two days after my adjustment, the pain returned with a vengeance. For one night, it was awful. Then, the next week I was able to manage the pain with only Advil and aloe. Aloe is its own awesome remedy.

Did you now that aloe is an excellent anti-inflammatory? It boosts your immune system, detoxifies and it works as a carrier. This latter characteristic means an aloe-based lotion will give you better absorption into the skin. Emu oil is another carrier in skin-care products.

George’s aloe the best I’ve seen in many years. It looks and tastes like water. Placing an ounce of this liquid in my apple juice and then mixing my powdered vitamin supplement makes for a delicious morning drink. My little rat terrier will beg for my morning drink. Maybe by adding aloe to the mix it will help carry the vitamins into my body in a more efficient manner. Can’t hurt.

I continue to learn and get better with every adjustment. — I hear a rat terrier calling my name. She is just over a year old now and is a very active, very spoiled fur baby. She’s a daddy’s girl, but I’ll save that story for another day. Until next time, I’ll be walking a little taller….and straighter!

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