My newest adventure, and serious learning curve, began with a post on social media by a friend of mine. She made a remark about “covid hair” and this was a new term for me. Having never experienced Covid, I was clueless as to what this phrase meant. She educated me on the horrible hair loss and frustration this situation can give a woman. Thinning hair, for me, was due to age and hormones.

Enter Homepage | Farmasi. My friend, (Hey Donna!) was getting very good results with the shampoo and hair mask. I wanted to know more.

At first, it was my intention to just be a customer and purchase what I wanted/needed from Donna. As  luck, or the Lord, would have it, Farmasi was having a special in January of 2024 and for $1, I could sign up, have my own website AND shop at fifty percent off. Win! Win!

It was never my plan to “sell” these products. Just give me my discount and I’d be happy. Well, when I saw I could make a 50% commission AND earn free products…that put a new spin on it.

At the age of 62, I found myself immersed in a world of make-up that left me more than a little overwhelmed, but determined to learn something new. Eyeliner? Eyebrow pencil? Contouring and concealer? (sigh) It was a lot to take in.

My job at that time was driving cars for an auto auction. (I’ll save THAT story for another time.) I jumped into my make-up journey with both feet and my head held high. Two of the ladies at the auction were an absolute God-send! Each day I’d experiment with this new “thing”. Primer? I thought that was for furniture. I’d go to work and Janet and Karen would be honest and tell me where I could improve. It was absolutely awesome to have their support and encouragement. Janet would say, “You definitely need a darker lip stick.” She was right! My new favorite is the Black Cherry BB Glaze.  I have one tube in the master bath and one in my purse. I’ll never be able to thank these two special ladies, but if I bake some more zucchini bread, maybe I can at least try.

Since January 2024, I’ve become a firm believer in my BB Cream foundation. I’m fair-skinned and I use #2, light to medium. The label says it has an SPF 15, which is an added bonus.  For me to switch to this creamy foundation is remarkable.  I have been a firm Bare Minerals girl for YEARS.  I never got paid to wear, or promote, Bare Minerals. ~ I’ve also learned that Primer isn’t just for furniture and the one I really like is the VFX Blur Primer. It feels like liquid silk on my skin. My make-up will last all day using this product.

My lashes are thicker, longer and more obvious than they ever were, even when I was a teenager.  To be honest, I’d given up on having long lashes and was debating getting some fake ones.  Not anymore!  The newest addition to my make-up routine is the Lash Primer. My learning curve has been outstanding!

Having been a big proponent of supplements and homeopathics for decades, it was an added bonus to begin using the Nutriplus line; specifically, HSN Beauty Formula and the Multivitamin and Mineral for Women. For those of you who don’t know, Farmasi uses European standards for all they manufacture. European standards are far and away higher than the U.S. I will add here, I do believe these two products have contributed to me being able to regrow my hair.  (Color me happy!)

Eyeliner continues to be a challenge. One eye looks fine, and the other; a dotted line. I will press on.

Farmasi  is over 70 years old and operates as a debt-free company. Their ribbon-cutting ceremony for the new warehouse in the U.S. was held in Miami over the weekend of April 13-14. This represents a $50 million dollar investment in a state-of-the-art, automated, facility.

It was my goal to include viable links in this blog. Please read through it and click around and send me some feedback.  Becoming a web master was not on my agenda either; and yet, here I sit.

There should be a link along here for FIRST TIME customers which will give you $10 off your first order.  Click on it and sign up!

If you or someone you know is interested in an incredible side-hustle, please tell them about me. The link should be along here... (grin)

Feel free to send me any questions.  Have a blessed day!

Here’s to putting my best face forward!

Until next time, I’ll be….Rambling On.


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