August 16, 2021 and the year is moving away from me in rapid fashion. Taking a stroll around the property and wondering as I wandered. “Has anything survived this heat?” There is no sprinkler system here; so, if I don’t water it, there is only rainfall.

This one little gardenia blossom was smiling up at me. One more gift from my Sis. These plants are miniature but they pack a lot of class and elegance in the backyard. The leaves and even the flower buds are a deep and glossy shade of green. The milky-white flower is revealed as the bud actually unfurls; something that would be awesome to capture in some kind of video technique. To be small; the fragrance is still the wonderful gardenia aroma that will glide across the yard and caress your nose.

Just one more daylilly. This last blossom was lying horizontal to the ground. How the mower missed it is a mystery. (Say that three times fast.)

><> * <><

The moon vine (trumpet) plant has taken over this spot at the end of the patio. It has grown through the pickets and is making me wonder if it has some kudzu genes. Moving it will be paramount this fall. And of course, Cricket follows me everywhere.

Just one more zinnia. This one is a complete volunteer. I’m not sure how this seed survived, but this splash of color is proof that it did. This plant and all the petunias of various shades were all volunteers. One of the best kinds of surprises are the blooming kind.

The poplar trees are dropping a few golden leaves; like golden coins tossed across the lawn. It’s too soon to shed ALL the leaves; but just as I need to kick my shoes off in the summer heat, I suppose the poplars needed to shed some leaves.


Three of my dogwood trees are standing proud. Two of these were ‘rescued’ from the woods. I dug them up as “babies” many years ago.

Just one edge of the yard. This spot doesn’t look like much. The property line is still several yards into the trees. While this location is rather boring, it still represents grass to be cut. (Whew!)


My rose of sharon has done much better this year. I use Irish Spring, original scent to discourage the deer. It works and the plant has nearly doubled in size. The Japanese beetles were conquered with a pick-and-squish ‘adventure’. (I do suggest wearing leather gloves.) I’m going to post a close-up of this photo so you can see the surprise I got when I enlarged the photo.


There is a tiny insect of some kind peeking out from the petals. It looks like some sort of bee. It didn’t bother me and I didn’t even know it had posed for the picture until I enlarged it.

My pitiful puddle. Our wet-weather pond needs a refill. At this writing there are two tropical systems headed in. Maybe Fred or Grace will bring the rainfall to make this look more … pond-like.

The featured image at the top of the blog was a gift from my new friend Mark. You can find him on GAB @michiganwarrior. Thanks again, my friend, for sharing your photography skills with this rambling writer.

Until next time…keep an eye out for one more flower and one more blessing. You find what you look for — look to be blessed!