There were more fireworks than usual this year. They started early on Saturday night and I was still hearing them at 1:30 in the morning. When I took Cricket out at 3:00 am, it was back to normal outside with only the cows in the back pasture and the millions of insects singing in the darkness. It’s my humble opinion that people are making up for what they missed last year.

Saturday night and Sunday night were loud and colorful. It was encouraging to hear all the pops, crackles and booms from all the pyrotechnics. — I’ve never been a fan of fireworks. They are (or can be) expensive. They are loud. My ears don’t like loud noises. Any person who can hear a spider scoot across the floor is not someone who cares for loud situations. I’ve been known to wear ear plugs during a church service.

My neighbor on the next street over is sending up some expensive stuff. The kind that sends out different colored sparkles all in unison.

We lived in central Florida for a short time and I can remember standing in the back yard in the dark watching the fireworks from Disney. I’m fairly certain that was a LOT of money going up in smoke; but then, Disney can afford it.

I’m thankful my little Rat Terrier is taking all the noise in stride. She and I did step outside about 9:45 to see and hear all the sounds going on around us. I’m thankful people are out celebrating. I hope they don’t stop with only fireworks.

My Facebook feed has been filled with American flags. I love this country and I love our flag.

Mr. K and I drove home tonight and the radio played the Armed Forces Medley. Y’all know the one I’m talking about? Each branch of service has their own song and that medley is great to hear. I actually found the audio recording in the Library of Congress. There were no ads, no lyrics — just a beautiful piece of music.

We need to stand and cheer our heroes; those men and women who put on the uniform of the United States of America. Our firefighters and police are putting themselves in the line of fire and they don’t do it for the money.

Mr. K was a volunteer firefighter for several years. Most people run OUT of a burning building; he ran in. I always said I needed a t-shirt that said: “Hug a fireman. Feel warm all over.”

Take time to thank a soldier or a policeman. I’ve done it and they can use the encouragement. — This is America! We don’t defund the police, we defend them. When you dial 911 who comes to your rescue? It won’t be a political party or a politician. It will be that man or woman who values YOUR life ahead of their own.

Shake their hand. Pay for their meal when you are out at a restaurant. Let them know you appreciate them. One day at a time we can make sure the nation we leave to our kids and our grand-kids will be a nation they can be proud of.

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