We bought an adjustable bed. Queen size, and today they bring it out. So, today, we take down our old queen size bed and make room for the new one. It will need to be plugged in somewhere. The bed will take precedence over the cell phone charger and the cordless phone. (Yes. We still have a land line.)

We’ve had this bedroom suite since we married in 1979. The headboard and foot-board show the scuffs and scratches of the last 40 plus years. The frame of the new bed doesn’t need a headboard, but I will decide once the new one arrives whether or not I’ll use it.

We picked out split-queen sheets at an online store and I chose the new bedspread. I’ll tell the truth; this old comforter has been on the bed close to fifteen years. It was a gift from a friend and it is/was reversible. It was “reversed” several years ago and is so worn I won’t even donate it to charity. A neutral tan will look good until we decide what color to paint the master bedroom.

While we wait for the new bed to arrive, I knew the army of dust bunnies under the old bed would need to be evicted. (sneeze, cough, hack) I hate to dust. I am convinced that fifty percent of it hangs in the air and when I turn my back it once again congregates on the dresser, the night stand, the side of my black pants — Achoo! Did I mention I hate dusting?

An empty place came to be and the new bed arrived. Two strong young men backed up a truck and carried it in. I am thankful for strong young people who know how to move beds. I could have used a couple when Mr. K and I were dragging out the old one.

With some careful lifting and gentle tugging, the new bed was finally in place. It was naked and perfect and a sight to behold. We (I) decided the kitchen remodel can wait. (See previous post about the remodel expo.) https://janicekennett.com/time-to-remodel-day-zero/ Mr. K needs and deserves a better night’s sleep.

One of the young men walked us through the various options on the bed. Pretty straight forward. Thank you Jesus, I do NOT need an app on my phone! Happy Dance!

The head moves up. Yep. The foot moves up. Yep. There is a small flashlight built into the remote. It comes in handy if something crawls across your arm in the middle of the night. We’ll save that story for another day. There is also a light UNDERNEATH. Say what? The bed has a nightlight built under it. How cool is that?! The company should promote that feature at every remodel expo. Now I can actually SEE there are no monsters under the bed.

We jerry-rigged some sheets and tonight we try it out. The question in my mind now is–do I leave the cute nightlight on?

Until next time — Day Two is just ahead.

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