February 2022 fades into the past as we turn the page on the wall calendar. The following month marches forth with all the promise of Spring here in South Carolina.

It’s always a blessing to see the yard coming alive with the yellow of daffodils and the annual display of forsythia; or as my mom called it, Yellow Bell Bush.

This little daffodil still wears a sprinkling of tiny rain drops. I don’t remember planting this variety but I can see why I did.

These daffodils are all lovely. Whether it’s a solid yellow or a two-tone; I’ve never seen an ugly daffodil.

Every year, every bulb, every time: it’s like some kind of buried treasure. THIS kind of gold won’t put money in the bank but it is a welcome addition to our little “homestead”.

Purple. Lovely. The first iris to make an appearance. Hopefully, many more will follow.

If you missed the blog where I chronicled my adventure of going to dig iris, you can read it here.

We are working on a fence for the back yard. It’s purpose isn’t to keep Cricket confined. She has actually shown very little interest in wandering off the property. My goal is to keep the other critters out. When I take my fur baby out at 3:00 in the morning, I don’t want her chasing another coyote around the house. Once was enough. I am hoping the bob cats and coyotes will stay on the OTHER side of the fence.

Cricket has a birthday in March. She will be two years old. The time flies by. She brings so much energy to our home. It’s hard to remember a time when there was no dog here.

She brought her ball outside when we were working in the back yard. Sometimes, that ball seems to be a security blanket. She takes naps with it on a regular basis.

I sorted out all the tools in the the little “tool locker”. Where did all these things come from? This photo is only half of them. They look like some weird kind of line-up. Looking over all these implements makes me think we need a ‘his and hers’ tool “closet”. We bought our little storage cabinet on Craig’s List and it never crossed my mind that we might actually fill it up.

So, Spring is lurking around the corner. It’s my favorite season. It won’t be long until we crank up the mower….yea….we are marching into March. Until next time, have a blessed day.

A special thanks to my daughter-in-law, Geri, for the flower picture at the very top. I just couldn’t resist a snapshot of what she had on her table.

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