Doing laundry is a thankless task and it’s usually pretty boring. I say ‘usually’ because what happened at my house recently is worthy of a podcast. You just can’t hear the tone of my voice with the written word.

I had picked up the laundry basket in the laundry room and I heard something scurry across the floor. (It was not the Anole pictured here.) I don’t mind a small lizard. Now, understand this: I HEARD something before I saw something. If you’re thinking it was a mouse, you would be wrong.

What ran across the floor, into the kitchen and stopped was big. It was brown. It had eight legs and I must say, it was impressive. Any time a spider is big enough to be heard when it runs across the floor, well, I’m almost speechless. I stood still from several feet away and I’m thinking; “I’m gonna need a bigger shoe!”

My thirteen-pound terrier loves to catch bugs and she understands what the word “bug” means. I called her into the kitchen and let her meet this spider-saurus creature. She barked at it. It didn’t move. She pawed at it and it still stood its ground. Since it wouldn’t play, she lost interest.

I hate spiders! Anyone who knows me, knows I hate spiders. This little green frog was on my back door and he is almost cute. But spiders….no. This particular variety is called a Wolf Spider. This one was probably three inches across. Sort of makes me wonder where he’s been hiding and what does it eat? My cell phone was in another room. Something else I hate and only tolerate as a necessary evil. I hate a smart phone. 🙁

I decide to pin it down with the broom so I could go get my phone and take a picture. If anyone had told me I’d be trying to photograph a monster spider I would have said they were insane. Is this what blogging does to a person?

I picked up the broom and took two steps into the kitchen. From the corner of my left eye I see a blur leap from the top of my refrigerator and land on the floor. It was a mouse!

I borrowed this picture from the internet. I didn’t photograph the mouse. I have my limits. ~ It scampered to the stove and it couldn’t hide. Now Cricket, my little terrorist, is interested. She chases the mouse across the kitchen, under the table and it may have taken refuge behind the upright freezer. During all this, that monster spider NEVER MOVED!


I pin it down with the broom and I go get my phone and I took one decent photo before it got away. Yes. Cricket and I let it vanish in the laundry room. The whole incident was enough to give me a few more gray hairs.

I still couldn’t figure out what that mouse was doing on TOP of my fridge. I asked Mr. K, “Why was that mouse up there?” His reply, “It was trying to hide from that spider.” (sigh)

Until next time, I need to shop for some really big glue traps.

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