Egg glassing…what began as a random post on social media became something I was determined to learn more about.

No one can deny we live in uncertain times. After the toilet paper “adventure” of 2020 and all the chaos of 2021, having some extra toilet paper on hand doesn’t seem so crazy. All those doomsday prepper shows have become something akin to documentaries. Some of those wild-eyed bizarre folks may have actually been onto something.

My curiosity has been known to get the better of me. This brings us to water egg glassing. (I’d never heard of it.) It is best described as a way of preserving raw eggs for long-term storage without refrigeration or canning. From articles I’ve read, eggs preserved this way will keep, on the shelf, for as long as eighteen months. I hope to include various links if you’d like to learn more. This video was very easy to follow.

Let the experiment begin!

I bought a bag of lime at Ingles. Every article I’ve read says to use one ounce of lime, by weight, per quart of water. Mix the lime and the water and pour over the eggs. That’s the simplified version. While this is not rocket science; there are some things to be aware of.

Store bought eggs will not work for this application. The eggs must be clean and unwashed. The hen lays each egg and it is covered in an invisible barrier called a “bloom”. My fresh eggs came from a friend. (Thank you, Deena!) Store bought eggs have been washed, bleached and will not work.

If you have water coming from your local municipal water company, consider boiling it first or do what I did and use distilled water. Although we have a well, I didn’t know if the mineral content would make any difference. This way, it won’t matter.

Thinking through the logistics of using these eggs in the future, I’d need to retrieve the ones on the bottom first as they are the oldest. Reaching my hand/arm down that far means this old pickle jar will work. I did try a dry run and made sure my hand would fit. (grin)

Empty pickle jar.

I love the colors in these eggs; reminds me of Easter. The photo doesn’t show how blue some of them really are.

Speaking of Easter, it will be here soon. As you can tell by the photo at the top, Hobby Lobby is ready.

Until next time, these eggs will sit for awhile. I’ll let you know how the experiment comes out.

Now we wait.

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