What’s old is new again. I recently bought a pair of gloves. I was looking for something spider-proof. Having had my hand nearly chewed off by something brown and eight-legged, it is my goal to avoid another horrible encounter.

I was wearing LEATHER gloves when I was so viciously accosted so my willingness to think outside the box was highly motivated.

While cruising the cleaning aisle at Ingles recently, there they were. Long and yellow and looking exactly like the ones my mom wore when she washed dishes back in the 1960’s.

These were thick and came almost to my elbow. Color me happy! They may be made for dishes but the dirt won’t care.

While preparing our evening meal, I donned the gloves to avoid getting flour under my manicured nails. We used to keep nitrile gloves in the kitchen. Handling raw meat with my bare hands ranks right up there with stepping in a cold puddle in my sock feet; YUK! Floured and fried pork chops were on the menu and these gloves are easy to clean. It appears I’ll need two pair. One for the kitchen and one for the garden.

Yellow gloves, red envelopes and white stuff on the ground. Could it be that Christmas is upon us? Having discovered Dollar Tree I’ll be sending out a few Christmas cards and hand-delivering a few more. And in case you’re wondering, Dollar Tree isn’t the same as it was the last time I darkened the doors. I quit visiting because everything I picked up was made in China.

My last trip was a surprise.  There were several items made in the U.S. Makes my heart glad to put an American to work.

Dec. 8th and 9th of 2018 saw lots of snow in my part of the country. Here in the upper end of Laurens County, SC we saw mostly sleet. Our electricity never even flickered. Our local co-op does an outstanding job maintaining the lines. They keep the tree limbs cut back and I can honestly say that in the thirty years we’ve lived on this property; we’ve never had food go bad in the freezer or fridge because of a power outage. I do love my local co-op. Kudos to Laurens Electric!

Green Christmas trees and golden sparkles in the eyes of my grandchildren – time to be thankful. Cherry Cordial Debbie cakes and weight loss can wait. (grin) Making fudge with a candy thermometer and spending time with family and friends; ‘tis the season.

My grandchildren had their picture taken with the ninety-four year old grandma of the Kennett family. A priceless moment captured with a cell phone as the four-year-old chimed, “Everybody day UNICORN!” This photo will soon become an ornament; a keepsake for years to come.

I hear a Christmas movie calling my name. I am a sucker for A Miracle on 34th Street.

Until next time…Merry Christmas!


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