We have a four-legged alarm clock. There’s nothing quite like the sound of a metal dog tag being violently shaken beside your head at 3:00 am. Cricket has adult supervision when she goes potty at night. We’ve seen coyotes here and I’m not comfortable with her being outside in the dark with a pack of coyotes running around. And since we’ve heard bob cats, I’m double sure….she needs supervision.

The night sky, with no cloud cover, is beautiful at three in the morning. You have to get away from “light pollution” to really see it. One of the benefits of country life is being able to see so many stars. With no streetlights or lots of houses and no big towns close by, it is very dark out here at night. It’s also often quite noisy. Sometimes, the frogs and insects are so very vocal, you can hardly hear yourself think.

I will be honest. While Cricket sniffs the grass in the same spot for the tenth time, (why does it take so long to pick a spot to pee? #dogstuff) I take a peek at my little slice of the Milky Way. As beautiful as it is, and it is impressive, #stargazing – #needatelescope -To be brutally honest, I’d rather be asleep, in my bed, totally unaware of the night time symphony. #dreamland — But when the fur baby needs to potty; we go potty.

We bought her a new toy box a few weeks ago. She destroyed anything and everything else. If it looks familiar to any of you, that’s because it is, or was, an ammo box. While it once held military grade ammunition, now it holds two rope toys, a squeaky toy, two balls, a raw hide chew and whatever else Cricket has at the moment. She has also learned when I pick up the box and gather all her toys, it’s time to vacuum. She has been known to go sit in front of the closet where the vacuum lives. She will sit and stare at the door and wait for me to pull out the upright, noise-making Kirby so she can bark at it.

She has become a sort of writing/office companion. She will curl up or stretch out near my desk and just lie there. Other times, she begs to be held. Have you ever tried to work on a laptop and hold a dog at the same time? It’s not easy.

Unpacking the new toy box.

Cricket will beg for me to pick her up in the kitchen. I’ve figured it out. I have become her ladder. She wants to look out the window over the sink to check for “killer” squirrels and needs Mama to hold her up there to survey the yard. She will look out the dining room window for the same reason. And although she can see out the sliding glass doors, she likes the vantage point of being held. Y’all know I have nothing better to do than carry this critter from window to window. What can I say? Life is better with a dog. #dogmama #furbaby

Until next time, I’m going to try to sneak into my office to get this blog written and published. Wish me luck!

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