She was born September 28, 1923. She went to be with Jesus on April 19, 2021. So many years. So many memories.

Ms. Carolyn was many things to many people. A wife, mother, artist and devoted to her Lord and His local church. She was also my friend. I took this photo one sunny spring day while we were taking a stroll around the yard. The daffodils were in bloom and I just love the smile on her face.

The photo at the very top, camellias, were just one of the many pieces of artwork that graced her home. This one piece is now in MY home. She was a prolific artist.

I was blessed to spend many hours with her in the latter years. She would share some of her life stories and it was always fascinating to me what we found in common. Both of us held deep memories of life in the country; growing up as country girls. We had chopped cotton and picked cotton. I did it as a very young girl to “help” my grandpa; but for Carolyn, it was her livelihood.

She taught me to whistle. I never really mastered the technique, but it was always fun to figure out what song she had on her mind as I listened to her whistle. Sometimes, I could gauge her mood by the notes that sprang so easily from her lips.

The piece pictured here stood on an easel in the “museum” part of the house. That was the side of the house that always looked like you could step back in time. It was as lovely as the lady herself.

We both shared a love for flowers and it was a joy to see her face light up with every bouquet that came through the door. I did see a little extra sparkle if it were roses.

Her eye sight had begun to fail when I came to be one of her “angels” (caregivers). We would walk to the mailbox and I was thankful to be able to tell her, “Ms. Carolyn your forsythia is just covered in yellow flowers.”

We both shared a love of chocolate fudge. Mine is made from scratch with a candy thermometer and stop watch. Adding pecans that came from her trees just put it over the top.

As October rolled around, we both waited for the confederate rose to open. I also learned how to propagate it. (Thanks Fran!) There were heavy-headed peonies and iris and more iris. Dogwood trees, peach trees, azaleas and a variety of daffodils surrounded the house. Ms. Carolyn had fig trees, wild grape vines, blueberry bushes and apple trees. It was always a blessing to bring something inside that had been gathered from her yard. She remembered where every plant was and could tell me the names of all of them.

Her artwork is worthy of its own gallery. Oil on canvas, watercolor, colored pencils, and more as her creative genius flourished. She was the most talented woman I knew – music and more. She was a world-traveler and choir member. She was still shooting basketball hoops in her 80’s! Just absolutely amazing. This photo of pansies doesn’t do it justice. I think everyone LOVED the pansy picture.

Carolyn Henderson married Luther White and the happiness she shared with him is obvious in this old black and white photo. She talked about him many times and the love they shared is the kind of love that Hollywood can only dream about.

She loved life. She loved people and she loved the community of Fountain Inn, SC.

Carolyn Henderson White leaves an incredible legacy. May we all strive to live a life that truly blesses others and makes the world a better place for having lived it to the fullest.

May her family accept this small tribute to her memory and know that MY life was blessed for having known her and I’m grateful for the opportunity I had to get to know some of her precious family.

This one photo says it all: God’s will – nothing more, nothing less, nothing else.

Until we meet again, I’ll carry your memory, Ms. Carolyn and with every bouquet of roses, or whistle, I’ll think of you. I love you, Janice.

Ms. Carolyn’s yard was often filled with beauty. This yellow swallowtail butterfly was no exception.