Today, June 19, 2021, Mr. K and I drove to Edgefield. This is my home town. My most favorite memories reside at an old house on Plumbranch Road.

Edgefield, established in 1785, is located in Edgefield County. Their claim to fame is that Edgefield is The Home of Ten Governors. Edgefield is also the home of The National Wild Turkey Federation.

The first time I saw 101 Dalmations, probably the first release of that movie, was at the theater in Edgefield. All my new Barbie doll clothes were purchased downtown. We would sometimes eat at the Bantam Chef or maybe at the Peach Bowl.

I didn’t develop a serious addiction to the library until high school. By then my parents had separated and we (my brothers and I) were living in Florida.

My grandmother’s house is somehow smaller, although the pond was somehow bigger. The house looks very tired. Part of me would like to win the lottery and fix it up and turn it into a writer’s retreat. The peace and quiet are still there. The house sits WAY off the road and is surrounded by lots of tranquility.

The pond does seem bigger. It could be because I wasn’t allowed to go the pond when I visited my grandparents’ house. Today was the first time I can remember ever standing on the bank completely alone. It would have been nice to just sit in a swing and relax. You can’t see the road or hear anything down at the pond. Enveloped in nature — maybe a hammock would be better. To be able to stretch out and take a nap…(sigh) Of course, I’d probably need help to get OUT of the hammock. Oh well…such is life.

My grandmother; everyone called her “Mother”, helped me create the best memories a kid could have. If you’ve never had toast made with real butter that’s been toasted under the broiler, you have missed a treat. Her squirrel head stew was delicious. (I AM a country girl.)

Today Mother’s yard stands in neglect. She and my Papa are walking with Jesus and my heart is at peace knowing I will see them again.

Her gardenia stands nearly six feet tall. But then, most things are over my head. I’m vertically challenged, don’t you know? This gardenia is so lovely.It’s like another version of the majestic magnolia.

The old concrete porch has settled on one side. I can remember standing on that porch on a Sunday morning wearing my black patent leather shoes. Mother had given me a cold biscuit to polish my shoes. I stood on the porch, rubbing my shoes while Ben, the dog, tried to lick up the crumbs. You ain’t lived until you’ve tried to get a good polish while dodging dog slobber coming from a large dog’s tongue.

I do love Queen Anne’s Lace. So delicate and white. That’s the picture at the very top. The web site calls it the ‘featured image’. I call it lovely.

The old birdbath looks lonely. I don’t think the birds drink Pepsi. Neither do I. To be honest, I gave up carbonated drinks when I got pregnant with Charlie. That was the fall of 1979. Time flies.

Someone once said, “Life is like a roll of toilet paper. The closer you get to the end, the faster it goes.”

Until next time, be blessed and I’ll be looking to make another trip to Edgefield. There are memories calling my name….or maybe it’s that old porch swing I hear.

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