It’s been three years since our home was burglarized. I no longer think about replacing what was taken. We have replaced every window in the house. These are more secure and there are no iron bars for “decoration”. These glass panes are energy efficient, but they will not stop someone who truly wants to get in.

The handguns have been replaced and one has actually been recovered. (serial numbers are critical) The hardest thing to replace was my golden hummingbird. I shared my hummingbird story when I was out knocking on doors. My youngest son bought it for me and it had more sentimental value than the insurance company could cover. By the time it was taken, this piece of froo-froo was no longer in production. I spent hours, days, scouring the internet for what was now considered vintage jewelry. I actually prayed I would find another one. I chose not to think about the fact that the original had been pawned and melted down.

Amazingly, I found the same hummingbird, but it was crafted to function as a lapel pin. I bought it and took it to Paradise Jewelers in Greenville. They were able to remove the pin and convert it into the pendant I wanted. My hummingbird is back and my peace of mine as well. 

Where I once enjoyed my gold chains hanging in my bedroom, they now all reside under lock and key.

In addition to the new windows, we bought a safe.  A monster with spokes for a handle. This thing was a hernia looking for a place to happen. The guns are safe; in the safe. My jewelry is out of sight and out of reach of a would-be thief. I don’t know why safe manufacturers think only of guns. Most of the gun owners I know are married and most of the wives have jewelry. Apparently, they can only make “gun” safes, not jewelry safes. I wrote a letter to this company and suggested they make some allowances for hanging necklaces. They didn’t even dignify my letter with a response.

I am at peace again in my home. We have new neighbors on two sides and they each enjoy shooting. My peace did not come from the people who moved in, but from the One who resides within.

My routine has forever changed. When I choose to wear a certain piece of jewelry, I retrieve it from the safe. All our handguns are either being worn or they too are locked up.

If you have ever had someone break into your home then you know the journey can be a painful one. Thankfully, my journey has reached an end.

I have prayed often for the man who climbed in our window. He served time for his crime here. He was sentenced to three years. I guess that means he will be free soon. His freedom from jail doesn’t hold a candle to my freedom from fear.


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