Fingerprint dust really is as black as sin and police officers really are just like us.

After our home was burglarized we provided serial numbers and photos. Day One of this event seemed longer than necessary.

My anger continued to simmer late into the night. Neither my husband nor I  were sleepy. We stayed up until midnight and then I did go to bed. Mr. K was up ALL night.

We take precautions. We have a post office box and all our important documents are sent there. We do this to prevent anyone from taking something from the mailbox on the street. We chose a dead-end street and left the surrounding trees so we could maintain our privacy. We lock our doors and have family members circle by here when we travel. We come and go at odd times so there is no predictable pattern.

Now what? I don’t know.

Last night there were tears. How to describe what I was feeling…hurt? Violated? Surprisingly nauseous. My stomach was not happy with the situation. While I may lose weight, this is not a diet I would recommend to anyone. No appetite.

Debating on ways to burglar-proof my house. House…therein lies the core of my dilemma. I don’t feel at home in this structure. I wander through rooms to see if anything else is missing. I try to imagine the thief walking where I walk and standing in my bedroom. Did you look in my mirror and think about what you were doing when you took that necklace my son bought for me? Did you look at my grandson’s picture and wonder what his name is? Did you open my dresser drawers to see what else you might take? Did you even notice the family portraits in the living room and wonder about us?  Did you make a list of what you might like to take should you come back? How well do YOU sleep at night?

I’m planning to measure the windows and see if a 4 x 8 sheet of OSB could board them up. We could do decorative cut-outs to let in light but not enough to let in a thief. The plywood OSB could be painted, decorated and really be an effective deterrent.

My husband says if a thief wants in bad enough, they will find a way. I’m trying to decide just how bad somebody might want what’s still here.

Until next time…I’ll be shopping at Lowe’s.

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