We went to the Wednesday night Bible study and then we came home. I checked all the windows again. No home invasion today. Every time I come back to this place after being gone, I have to check for another robbery.

I couldn’t leave for church this evening without first hiding my jewelry. (The pieces that didn’t get taken last time.)

When will this place feel like home again? When will I stop checking my windows?

So we came down the road near our house and I felt like cruising the neighborhood. We did exactly that. I was looking at each residence for signs of kids and teens. I saw bicycles and swing sets. There were slides and various indications of children. I also noticed someone had posted “NO TRESPASSING” at the edge of their yard. This was a clear indication of some kind of challenge and it’s my goal to find out some details. The yards with signs like this one would be a good place to pick up where I left off knocking on doors.

The investigator called today. He talked at length with my husband. From what I could gather, he’s very knowledgeable. I spoke with him briefly before he hung up and I’m on the right track. He said taking pictures was a good idea. He also said if we spot anything out of the ordinary to call the police. They have increased surveillance in this area. I told him I’d gladly provide free coffee and doughnuts if the officers wanted to stop at my house here and there. We both laughed.

The days are getting shorter and soon Fall will be here. Time to get ready for the holiday season.

We have never celebrated Halloween, but I’ve been thinking about some harmless booby traps. Maybe a trip-wire and some paint-filled balloons. Maybe a motion detector that releases a skeleton to drop out of a tree. Maybe I could find some skunk scent…can you imagine this person coming home smelling like a skunk? Makes me smile just thinking about it.

Until next time…it’s almost deer season here in the Carolinas and I’ll bet there’s some deer pee just waiting to be bought.

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