It’s been about ten days since our home was burglarized. Leaving my house with no one here to keep anĀ  eye on things has been a struggle. The queasy stomach has slowly passed but I still get very upset when I talk about it. When will I be at peace in a place that I once called “home”?

The investigator came by in person today to tell me the sheriff’s office had made an arrest. That, at face value, would seem to be good news. Somebody is in custody. Somebody will be charged with this crime.

(sigh) I thought the news of an arrest would bring closure. It did not. There was no relief. I’m no closer to my quiet place than I was yesterday. There are still questions to be answered. Where are the guns you took? Who did you sell them to? Where is my hummingbird necklace? Who helped you get rid of the things you took?

Charles and I went to the mall today. The original pendant came from there. I talked to someone at every jewelry store there and even one piercing pagoda. (shudder) Gives me the willies to think of the places people pierce. One jeweler had a brooch that was similar. I later found one on-line. Tracking down replacement costs for the things taken has been a challenge.

The young man who broke in has a bond hearing at 9:00 am. Care to guess where I’ll be in the morning?

Until next time…I have a bond hearing to get ready for. Just what does one wear to a bond hearing? I suppose anything will be better than that prison-orange jump suit…