If there are stages of grief, there must surely be stages for this. Disbelief, frustration, rage and then something unlike anything I’ve ever known.

Our home was burglarized in September of 2015. The thief forced a window open and came inside. Most of what they took can be replaced. But what I’m missing now is my ability to come and go without even thinking about what may be taken if they come back.

Disbelief. Looking at the empty places and thinking, “Maybe we just misplaced that.” “Maybe my spouse moved it.” Calling my adult children to see if they had let themselves in with a key. This was before we found the damaged window.

I used to drive by houses with iron bars on the windows and think, “How sad to live like that.” Now, as I remember how decorative those bars can be and what an excellent theft-deterrent they are I’m thinking, “I wonder what that would cost to install on MY home?”

That’s the point.  This isn’t just another double-wide on eight acres at the end of a dead end street. THIS IS MY HOME! This is where a person is supposed to be safest, is it not? This is my fortress and retreat from the craziness in our world. If I can’t be at peace here, then where?!

As the disbelief dissipated, the frustration was short-lived. The anger grew. I’m not a person to seethe with anger. It’s not good for the body and it’s just not a good place to dwell.

The deputies came and dusted for fingerprints but our thief must have worn gloves. I’d say he came prepared because it’s been too stupid hot to wear gloves here in South Carolina.

We don’t have any close neighbors and we value our privacy. There’s an old dairy behind us and we have lots of mature trees around to block the view from the casual observer. This was no  casual act.

There were serial numbers to pin down and photos of what was taken. If you  have not updated your valuables, please take my advice and write them down. Document what you have. We were fortunate to have current photos on a jump drive.

They only took what they could carry. But now that they’ve seen what’s here, will they come back for the rifles? Will they come back and bring some help?

The deputies were both very professional and helpful. As my anger grew, I struck up a conversation with one deputy out by his car as he was gloving-up to dust for prints.

Me: “I guess it’s going to sound really bad, but if I put a bear trap on the floor under a window and somebody gets hurt, I’d get in trouble?”

Deputy: “No mam. You put whatever you want INSIDE your home.”

Me: “OK.”

Deputy: “I’ll show you some options for cameras and things that are available.”

He did exactly that. Before he left he showed me some very cool devices. One looks like a face plate that is mounted to the wall and what looks like the head of a screw is actually a camera. One little gadget looks like a cordless phone charger. It has a cord and a built-in USB storage and is motion activated. Honestly, I can’t stop thinking about that bear trap…

Until next time…I’ll be…shopping for some security measures.

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