Shorter days and falling leaves are both a vivid reminder that the holiday season is fast approaching.

It’s been twenty days since our house was burglarized. It’s getting easier to leave the house unattended. However; my life has changed.

My husband and I have have discussed options should we decide to build a new house. You can be very sure that theft deterrent will be uppermost in my mind. For years, we’ve talked about building underground. An underground home is easier to heat and cool. Depending on where and how you place the house, you can have zero windows, or a south-facing side with windows for natural light.  While working as a reporter, I once interviewed a homeowner in Simpsonville, SC who was building an underground home. It had a south-facing design and it had incredible appeal.

My concern now…can I truly feel safe with windows?  At this point in my life, I know I could give up natural light in order to feel secure.

So, my husband and I decided to do some gun “shopping”.  Gotta love a gun show in the fall.  Lots of testosterone in the air….(sigh) We needed to replace my Taurus that was stolen. It took two seconds to know I don’t like a double-stack. It makes the grip too wide for my palm. Decisions; decisions. Another Taurus? A Ruger? Maybe a Kahr.

Some stores have embraced the outdoor-sy lady and others have no clue. One large establishment had a token rack of concealed carry purses and the only female employee was behind the register. Really? My money spends the same as the stuff dripping with male hormones. I have NO plans to return.

We visited a very nice pawn shop. We visited a small store with a small arms indoor range. The men, and ladies, who worked there were VERY nice. I will be shopping there again and again. We stopped by a very patriotic store that was one of the nicest places I saw. To be honest; it was exhausting. This chick  hates to shop and hunting a gun was…well, I’ll be glad when I’m done with it.

Until next time; I have some jewelry shopping that might be more fun.

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