The deputies filled out paperwork on a Friday and shortly thereafter, I knocked on every door on my street. I gathered names and phone numbers and met some really nice people.

My youngest son was concerned for me – knocking on doors. He said, in effect, “It’s not safe. You could get shot or something.” I told him my strategy. Each person I met, I put on my best “grandma face” and shared my heartbreak at loosing my hummingbird necklace. My voice quavered at just the right moments and I fought back would-be tears. (I can lay it on when the situation calls for it.) Then I’d stiffen my spine and say, “We need to look out for each other. Here’s my number, what’s yours?”

I met a man who had been injured and I told him I’d pray for him. He was thankful. I met a woman who was caring for a very sick veteran. I plan to call on her and take him a lemon pound cake. I met a retired pastor on the street over from us and we had a nice visit.

There are more doors to knock on. More people to meet. We suspect this was the act of a teenager. I’ve been told by those who live around me that teens have been seen cutting across lots and coming through the woods here. I plan to install a deer camera and find out exactly who is trespassing.

One lady said she got a call that her kids were whooping it up and hollering (that’s a Southern thing) at the basketball goal at 1:00 or 2:00 in the morning. Her kids were, in fact, in bed. So; somebody is walking over here on this street to use the goal that belongs to the neighbor a few houses away. We’ve seen these teen boys in the road playing and many times they refused to move. The next time I see them, I will stop the car, take their pictures and introduce myself. I WILL know who they are and where they live.

When I have pictures to share, I’ll knock on doors again…

While I realize I can’t change the world, this one street is within my grasp. This is one fed up grandma and I will make a difference!

I’ve thought about M.A.D.D. Remember that? Moms Against Drunk Driving. Maybe I need my own letters. I can design a t-shirt and enlist a little help from my neighbors. Those of us who are night owls can visit that basketball goal at 2:00 am and see if we can “persuade” some kids to GO HOME!

Until next time…I’ll be rambling on.

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