The bond hearing was uneventful. Everyone I met at the detention center was polite and friendly. My purse was locked in my car, but my cell phone had to be handed over. The nice man with a uniform waved that wand thing over me; felt a little strange. They probably have had issues with someone trying to sneak in a weapon or contraband.

The man who was arrested and charged with the burglary of our home appeared before a judge by way of a closed circuit system.  I could see him, but he couldn’t see me. Like I care? I have zero fear of him. I was given a chance to speak but asking “Why?” would have been a waste of time. I wanted to know where our things were. Who did he sell them to? It was useless. 

After arriving home, I took some time to call my neighbors and let them know that an arrest had been made. If it makes me sound bitter, I am not. I will say, there was a certain relief in the fact that this man’s bond was denied. As I was leaving the hearing, I told the judge, “Well, at least he won’t be climbing in any windows TONIGHT!”

I reached out to the investigator and learned that this burglar has been busy. He has outstanding warrants in a neighboring county as well as a city near here and there is a witness who can put him at another crime scene.

We’ve had to track down some replacement costs on what was taken. Do yourself a favor and really look at what you have lying around that would be easy for a thief to walk off with. Jewelry, gaming systems, money in a jar and especially hand guns. Document your valuables and be sure to write down serial numbers. Take pictures with your smart phone. Also, look at your homeowners’ insurance. Does your policy cover the contents or just the structure? Do you have replacement coverage?  If you are renting, YOU are responsible for covering the contents.

Until next time, we have some paperwork to submit to our insurance company. We do have replacement coverage on the contents.

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