February 18, 2022 was my last day at the restaurant. If you love seriously good Mexican food made from scratch with fresh ingredients, you really need to try Garcia’s in Fountain Inn, SC. https://garciascuisine.com/

From my first day on the job, the folks at Garcia’s helped me and tolerated my broken Spanish. We laughed together even while I tried to learn the difference between a burrito and an enchilada. (I’m still not sure which is which.)

I’m sharing a few photos of my own Mexican journey. I will miss working with Hector. He is the manager at this location and he has become another Godson for me. I’m excited to see what the Lord will do in his life.

This photo here is my Valentine’s dinner. I had to work that day. Nothing like a cheeseburger….Garcia’s style.

This Luna Moth was a pleasant surprise going to work one day last year. It was perched on the rail of the wheelchair ramp. The wind was really tossing his wings around.

As I tried to learn the computer, I discovered I could take pictures with my cell phone and this gave me the ability to review various options when I was at home. This photo contains fajitas, the taco menu is even more impressive. I never knew there were so many ways to make a taco.One of these days, I may actually get around to EATING one….I’ve never had a taco. Not once in my entire life….strange….but, that’s ok.

This picture turned out better than I expected. We got a lot of snow and sleet in January of 2022 and this agave plant looks like it was dusted with powdered sugar. January 21 was the day I asked Mr. K to drive me to and from work. I had no intention of driving home in the dark with frozen stuff falling from the sky.

As much as I will miss working with Hector, I will not miss standing on concrete. This is my number one reason for leaving. My back won’t tolerate standing on that floor. I bought good shoes, I reduced my hours, but the concrete is totally unforgiving and my back had simply had enough.

Be sure to pick up a to-go menu when you stop by. This little menu is perfect for the refrigerator. 🙂

My next job or opportunity is just around the corner. Please pray for me as I seek it out. More than one person has told me to start a pod cast. I still think the name “pod cast” sounds like some kind of fishing technique.

In any case, until next time, buenos noches, good night.

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