As of April 11, 2022 there are officially baby peaches on my tree! It’s been a very long wait. I thank the Lord and Irish Spring. Now, say a prayer there will be plenty to share. If you like free-stone peaches; that’s what is growing.

You can tell by the size of my thumbnail that this is a tiny little gem. I’m praying the days of frosty nights are behind me. Did I ever tell you I have a recipe for a peach cobbler that uses just one peach and it serves…JUST ONE….ME! ha ha Leave me a comment and I’ll post the recipe.

This month continues its annual waltz through the calendar. The following are snap shots of our little slice of Laurens County, SC.

My flowering almond was spectacular. Such tiny blossoms with minuscule petals…just one more show-off that doesn’t last long enough.

This tiny turtle wandered across the driveway while Cricket and I were out for a stroll. This little critter was the size of a quarter. It looks very cute but can grow to the size of a dinner plate. These “cute” things are the #1 reason there are no fish in my pond. Turtles will eat the fish eggs.

I did turn him loose and I will probably regret it.

Mr. K bought me a big raised-bed planter. My brain is dancing with thoughts of marigolds, sweet william, creeping phlox and maybe some bulbs down in the middle. So many plants….so little room. (grin)

White azalea.

This one white azalea is putting on a show. There is an aggressive honeysuckle vine competing for the same spot. I’ve been promising myself to dig it up (with the tractor) and move it. The time will come to do exactly that this next Fall. I am NOT looking forward to moving something the size of hot tub! Whew…

I never get enough of the dogwoods here. Some are in the woods and some are in the yard. They are an annual reminder of what Easter is all about. It’s about Jesus and what HE did at Calvary. Praise HIS name!

This photo of the pond was taken in March of this year. One of these days I’d like to upload an audio file so you can hear the froggy chorus. I never get tired of the aquatic choir as these little creatures perform their annual serenade. Whether they are singing to attract a mate or singing for the sheer joy of the season, in any case, it makes my heart want to sing along! Ribbit!

Until next time, maybe you can open a window or step outside and catch your own version of what’s going on out there. Hopefully, it won’t be the sounds of traffic. 🙂