As the blog has moved along, it’s reached a point where I want to share a few updates and some good news. The good news is; my domain name has been renewed and my web-hosting fees have been paid for another year. (You didn’t think all this was free, did you?) 🙂 I spend about $14/month — in case you were curious.

This week, I cracked open an egg that’s been sitting in a jar with water and lime. It’s been just over a month and there’s been no refrigeration. It was a perfect egg. It got scrambled and eaten. Now, my plan is to locate another jar and do some more egg glassing. If you missed that blog, you can visit it here.

This week, I’ve been on the phone with Viable Energy Solutions in Summerville, SC. They are sending a technician out next week to figure out why we haven’t been able to see how much energy is being produced by our solar panels. In the interest of honesty, the power bill for the month is $92. So, there IS a reduction, but still not what were told. We were also promised free LED bulbs and a smart thermostat. These will be shipped to us. The other item is the responsibility of the company that sold us this system. I’ve reached out to both salesmen. One is no longer with the company and the other’s phone went to voicemail. I left a nice message. (No sarcasm. I was very nice.) If you missed the solar panel adventure; you can catch up here.

My last chiropractor visit was awesome. Doctor Nikki said my spine was in the best shape it’s been since I started going to see her. She is such a blessing! I didn’t need anything more than a ‘fine tuning’. I will admit, today, I cut grass with the riding mower for the first time in over a year. I’ll be curious to see how my back does after the mower has had a chance to bounce me around. If you missed my chiropractic journey, ramble on over to this page.

My bluebirds have hatched and flown away. I will save that blog for another day. (I’ll give you a hint….I took pictures every day to watch them grow up.)

The peach tree has fruit that continues to grow. My baby peaches are about the size of a Thompson seedless grape. You can read about my journey into peaches on this page.

I am enjoying my iris. This one is just a complete surprise. Coral/yellow on top that fades down into a blue/purple/lavender on the bottom. I have no idea where it came from. My mom used to talk about an iris that matches this one. She said it bloomed the year I got married and never bloomed again. That was in 1979. We celebrated 43 years this April….wow! —

You can read about me digging iris in my ugly shoes by clicking here.

September 21, 2018 Chapter One was a series of blogs that captured a trying time. Our home was burglarized. If you’ve never had that happen, be thankful. It was the closest I’ve ever come to a panic attack. I kept a journal and eventually published the story in a few chapters online. I’m thankful to report that I rarely think about it anymore. But, things have changed here. We invested in a SERIOUS safe and my jewelry stays IN the safe unless I’m wearing it. If you are curious, here is the link.


Happy Mother’s Day to all my moms out there. Have a blessed day!

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