Took a short stroll around the yard today and discovered flowers which I did NOT plant, blooming in random places. These petunias have beautiful veins and may not last long. It’s always a thrill to watch this place we call “home” come alive every year. The ornamental cherry was so lovely. The blossoms are short-lived but well worth the wait.

The pink flowers at the base of this tree is creeping phlox. It is one of my favorite ground covers. My mom used to call it “thrift”. I have no clue why she called it that. Most likely it’s what her mom or grandma called it. This tree can be seen from my home office. It’s nice to have an office with a view and since this end of my home is where we set up the home office; you could say I also have a “corner” office. Working from home has its perks.

While it’s always fun to share some of the plants and things around the yard; the main purpose of THIS blog is to try to master WordPress. The struggle is real. As I still have all the hair on my head and have not yet pulled it out; it may be safe to say that I am making progress. This is no Nobel prize winner, for sure. Although, my third grade English teacher would be pleased.

Creeping Plox

The wisteria photo is from a year ago. We’ve since had to burn and purge that whole section. While the wisteria is just gorgeous and smells good too; it was actually being over-run with, of all things, honeysuckle. There are places where honeysuckle is prized and kept in greenhouses. Down here in the deep South it’s a nuisance and we’ve been known to buy goats to keep it in check.

Only Jesus knows why these captions are off center!
This white azalea is my least favorite. It looks almost breath-taking for about three days and for three months; it’s brown, dingy and looks very ugly. One of these days… of these days, it’s going to get dug up and drug out to the edge of the property or it’s going to just get GONE. Maybe someone will be willing to adopt it.
This is my solar-powered clothes dryer complete with stabilizers. That’s a clothes line and clothes pins for the folks who didn’t grow up around here. The dappled sunlight is somehow relaxing to me. Maybe it reminds me of simpler times when my life’s parade was moving much slower.

The sheet; by the way, is my peach sheet. I actually went out and bought this sheet for a single purpose. My little peach tree had bloomed and had tiny “would be” peaches and then we had three nights of really cold weather. So; it was time to cover my little tree and cross my fingers. I paid $2.99 for this one sheet. Shopping at the Salvation Army is never boring.

The white azalea has gotten too big and it looks like it’s also having a close encounter with some honeysuckle. There’s never a goat around when I need one.

Until next time, I’ll be rambling around the yard to see what’s new. Y’all be blessed!

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