This was actually written June 7, 2017

Let me introduce you to my little friend. His name is “Anti Icky Poo” and he is amazing.

It all began with a whiff of something unpleasant that progressed into a certain funk and then grew into a full-on, nasty stink in my home office. Having been down this road before, there was no mistaking it. Yep. Dead mouse in the house. In my office be precise.  As the odor became more intense, I tracked it down to a corner between the office and a walk-in closet.* My better half graciously ordered a quart of Anti Icky Poo and I would count the days until it could arrive.

Meanwhile, the power was out in most of the outlets in the office and the overhead light/ceiling fan was also a no-go. So, during the day, we opened the blinds and we jury-rigged the internet so we could get online. The guest bath was also dead and half the switch in the master bath. I will add that the master bath was on the same GFI so, as strange as it sounds, it made sense. Two rooms at opposite ends of the house, both with electrical issues.

Using a hand-held spot light and crawling around in the closet never revealed a mouse carcass. The smell was getting worse and we made a trip to Ingles. Sandalwood brought temporary relief. It also brought a trip down memory lane. The last time I burned sandalwood incense was 1970 something and black light posters were all the rage.

My husband tracked  the electrical issue down and we needed someone to crawl under the house. Grace Electric and Roger P. came to the rescue. So now it’s a Wednesday morning and I’ve been smelling sandalwood a-la-mouse and waiting for my bottle of Anti Icky Poo.

Roger  and my husband used some cool tools (a tracer) to find the break in the circuit. Roger had been under the house and found no dead mouse.. #disappointed ~ It turned out to be one wire that was run in a crazy location and THAT was the one with a problem. OF COURSE it was! With all the tracking in and out of the house, I didn’t get to hug the mail carrier when she dropped off my package. Anti Icky Poo was here!

So, we had to cut a hole in the sheetrock and open the wall. I’ll give you three guesses what was behind the wall. Yep. Fried mouse. To be honest, I was hoping for fried and dried, but no, I got chewy and gooey. Fly larvae were also present. I ran to get a zip top bag and using it like a glove, I grabbed that nasty varmint and carried it outside. All three men were backing up. One marine, one Army and one husband, backed away. Roger said he was going to “step outside for some respiratory therapy”.  I took that to mean he had a smoke. To be honest, I think burning tobacco would smell better.

Mouse was gone and I got to use my new friend. IT WORKS! Anti Icky Poo was introduced in 1989 and uses enzymes to break down decaying organic matter. The label says it can eliminate skunk musk too, so, I guess I’m prepared for anything.

The mouse-chewed and burned wire was repaired and now that I can use my hair dryer in the master bath, I think I will take a shower. After reading this; you might want to take one too. ha ha

*The mouse turned out to be just a few inches from that corner.

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